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A pioneer in sustainability

Corporate Image was founded in 1983 on the belief that more environmentally friendly binders were needed in the USA. That belief drives us still and has expanded across each of our product categories.

The 3R Model
Corporate Image has chosen to pursue a simplified 3R+1 sustainability position, centered on the areas we can impact the most; reducing the amount of material that goes to the landfill, limiting the quantity of pieces needed over time by creating durable, long lasting and reusable products, and providing fully recyclable options for packaging and presentation materials. The plus one comes from our commitment to using renewable supplies every chance we can to protect the environment by capturing the value of recycled materials and materials that can be produced without depleting natural resources.


Reducing the levels and layers of packaging minimizes the raw materials and energy needed to protect and present products. Corporate Image accomplishes this through our line of distinctive, premium NAKED™ collection of packaging and binders that helps convey your ecology-minded brand story. NAKED boxes and binders come without layers of covering materials – letting the smooth, solid- color rigid board relay the importance of the environment to your company and brand. The board can be decorated to your design specifications, whether it is through blind debossing, print, or foil stamping.


Corporate Image creates a vast array of packaging, from short-lived boxes for consumables to the keepsake boxes intended to protect your valued items for generations. Who hasn’t said, “This is a really nice box” and then tucked it away for future use? Reuse – whether for a different purpose or for the original intended purpose is a viable and important aspect of protecting our environment. We have access to the world’s broadest selection of cover materials, designed to attire your package – ensuring endless decorating options to have your brand message projected beautifully far into the future.


The R that is most familiar to consumers is also the hardest to obtain when it comes to luxury rigid box packaging and durable presentation materials. Distinctive unboxing experiences and product longevity traditionally means cover materials, decorating finishes, and accessories that are not recyclable in community-based programs.

However, Corporate Image offers innovative packaging solutions as part of our NVI line that create memorable unboxing experiences and can be tossed in curbside recycling bins. This allows brand holders to capture a customer’s attention and align with their desire for environmentally responsible products, from the moment they first engage with their materials through the process of reclamation — GILT WITHOUT GUILT.

The ‘R’s’ Across Packaging
Sustainability vs durability chart for packaging
Packaging and Presentation Solutions from Corporate Image are designed to span the full realm of durability and lifespan requirements.
The Fourth ‘R’


Our products are sustainable from the start. We proudly manufacture products that are predominantly made using renewable materials. Renewability primarily means plant derived — and responsibly grown and harvested. Even then, we use 95 – 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) paperboard in each of our binder and CI RIGIDBOX® products, further benefiting the environment. Our offset printing inks are vegetable based with >70% of their weight coming from renewable resources and are certified for Cradle to Cradle. We primarily utilize water-based, plant derived adhesive throughout our process, limiting the use of synthetics and ensuring that we do not emit solvents into the air. Testing has proven these adhesives do break down under paper mill repulping conditions allowing the fiber from our NVI (recyclable) boxes to be recovered.

NAKED® CI RIGIDBOX® drawer style slip case with debossing and finger pull
Group of round back binders with spine wrap
Close-up of blind debossed sustainability message on 100% PCW board

FSC® Certified

We take great pride in being certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Standard, which ensures that the source of the wood fiber for our products comes from responsibly managed forests and provides environmental, social and economic benefits. Please ask about FSC® certified products for your Corporate Image product.

CI RIGIDBOX® double neck & shoulder box made from colored PCW board
Energy Conservation

A value at our core

Measures are taken across our production, warehouse and office facilities to reduce energy consumption. Our employee owners are cognizant of the financial and environmental impacts associated with wasted energy and do their best each day to reduce demand. We recycle paper waste from each of our production facilities (including our office paper waste). Recycling nearly 1 million pounds of paper each year means that in addition to the trees saved by our use of PCW paperboard, we are also conserving thousands of other trees across the planet.

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