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Stylized strap sets
Strap Sets

Compact and impactful

Display your samples in a polished, professional, and convenient way. We'll work with your brand's specific needs to create a fan deck or swing book to wow your customers.

Key Features
Strap sets offer a very tactile experience by allowing your audience to feel the texture of your samples – both the front and the back – as well as their rigidity and structure. The ability to fan out or flip through your samples and swatches enables the user to compare color or finish options side by side.

Your samples in hand

Our strap sets are a light and compact way to display samples, ensuring that clients can compare options side-by-side. Showcasing your products in a portable and up-close way, with incredible decorating and design options, can enhance your brand and make a connection to your customers.

  • Agbelt strap sets for belt samples
  • Fan decks for Armstrong Flooring
  • Close-up handles for strap sets

    For the ultimate sample protection, you can enclose your product samples in a case similar to a portfolio binder, displayed neatly on a screw post.

    To make it easier for your audience to fan out your swatches and compare their features, you can leave an additional side of your hard case enclosure open.

    A strap set can be made with a full panel backing and a wrap to hold your softer textured swatches in layers on the board.

Strap Set Styles

Our design team will work with you to create the best custom solution for your display. We do have several standard styles for strap sets, including enclosed three or four sides, swing book, or full back support, but will always work with you to create a powerful tool for your specific product line.

Drawing strap set

Enclosed 3-Sides

Strap set drawing

Enclosed 4-Sides

Drawing strap set

Full Back Support

Print embellishments

Our strap sets can be digitally or offset printed with matte, gloss, or soft touch lamination. UV print, foil stamping, debossing, die-cutting, and other treatments are available to take your strap set to the next level.

Useful accessories

Accessories for your strap set include practical handles as well as different closure options. View our accessories to find pockets to add to your fan deck or see if finger pulls fit your design idea and use case.

Use Cases

Strap sets are an excellent presentation solution for displaying a variety of samples, including textiles, flooring or construction swatches, and more. 


Engineering + Construction

Strap Set with Velcro

Tenex Corp

Engineering + Construction

Flooring Swatch Book

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