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Stylized sample boards with die-cut handles
Sample Boards

Your products at a glance

For an immediate visual display of your samples, our rigid sample boards are a great solution. At a glance, your customers can easily view your product samples.

Key Features
Sample boards are essential tools for presenting materials, products, or design options in a concise and visually impactful manner. Customization options such as printing, foil stamping, debossing, and die-cutting enable you to showcase your branding and product information. Our sample boards are designed to be portable and lightweight, facilitating easy transportation to trade shows or client meetings.

Brand your boards

Branding sample boards with custom print, debossing, foil stamping, and other techniques adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism. We'll help you with the best layout for your samples on the board which will allow you to include critical information about the options you're displaying as well as your company's brand design for a professional sample presentation.

  • Printed sample boards with textured UV
  • Turned edge sealant color display

    Spot UV elevates this sample board into a premium presentation tool, showcasing the brand in a professional way.

    A single piece of post-consumer waste board is cased and lined in offset print, gloss laminated paper to showcase sealant color samples.

Flush Cut vs. Turned Edge

Flush cut and turned edge sample boards are two different approaches to showcasing material samples. The choice between flush cut and turned-edge techniques depends on the desired aesthetic, as well as the specific branding and presentation goals of the company or product being represented.

  • Sample boards inside corrugated display tray
  • Three-hole drilled sample boards for binders

    This style incorporates the post-consumer waste board into your design. The edges display the raw board, while the front and back are covered in paper which can be fully printed with your design. The corners of these flush-cut sample boards are typically rounded to increase the durability during handling.

    In a turned edge style sample board, our post-consumer waste board is fully wrapped in paper with your custom print design and embellishments, ready to showcase your product samples or finishing options.

Board Styles

Whether flush cut or turned-edge, your custom sample board is designed by our team of experts to represent your brand in the way it deserves.

Drawing sample board flush cut


Drawing sample board turned edge


Print Options

Our sample boards can be digitally or offset printed with matte, gloss, or soft touch lamination. UV print, foil stamping, debossing, die-cutting, and other treatments are available to futher enhance your sample board.


Depending on how your sample boards are being used, it is a good idea to look into accessories that support your team's mission. Add a die-cut handle for easy carrying or to hang on a peg in a showroom setting. If you place your boards inside a binder, you might want to drill holds to fit the binder rings. Binder clips are a smart way to add functionality to your sample board.

Use Cases

Sample boards find extensive use across various industries and applications. They are commonly employed in interior design and architecture to showcase finishing options, samples of flooring or other materials, or even specialty construction materials such as caulking or sealants. They can also be 3-hole drilled to be inserted into a custom ring binder.

Dekko Concrete

Engineering + Construction

Concrete Sample Kit

Franklin Intl

Engineering + Construction

Sealant Sample Board


Engineering + Construction

Printed Sample Board

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