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Stylized sample display options
Sample Kits

Wow your customers with a beautiful display of product

We help you design a strong and secure sample kit that can be delivered directly to customers, carried on sales calls, or displayed in a showroom setting.

A custom-designed kit will elevate your brand to a whole new level, creating a professional and cohesive presentation that reinforces your brand's unique identity. Whether it’s an architectural folder, strap set, or sample board, your samples will have never looked better.

Architectural Folders

Show your product samples in a spectacular fashion. Our sample folders offer you the ability to layout your products on up to 5 panels. The structural design is based on our signature flexhinge technique to ensure the durability of your heavily used folders. Strong and portable, architectural folders are ideal for on-site consultations, client meetings, or presentations.

  • Trinseo 4-panel architectural folder for plexiglas samples
  • Lightweight sample folder for SGM

    A beautifully printed architectural folder to showcase automotive glass samples.

    This lightweight sample display took is used to show swimming pool, spa, and deck finished in a compact way.

Strap Sets

Showcase your lighter product samples in a compact strap set. The hard case made from post-consumer waste board protects your samples while a screw post holds them in place. Simply fan out your color swatches or finishes for easy comparison.

  • Swing book for flooring samples for Armstrong Flooring
  • Strap set with handle
  • Strap set for Agbelt with Chicago style screw post

    This strap set holds samples and enforces branding with clear print messaging and tactility through lamination.

    This custom sample display offers a handle for convenient carrying while showcasing floor covering options at a glance.

    Portfolio display showing a wide range of belts in a clean package that secured the product while allowing full interaction with the samples.

Sample Boards

Sample boards display your materials at a glance and are perfect for your presence in showrooms or additions to your 3-ring binders.

  • Printed sample boards with textured UV
  • Turned edge sealant color display

    This printed sample board stands out with spot gloss UV accents that mimic the look and feel of their product line.

    This large turned-edge board pops with bold printed graphics, gloss lamination, and colorful sealant samples that are applied to the display.

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