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Your choice of lamination

Add lamination to you sample board or architectural folder for extra protection. Lamination increases the durability of your sample binder and creates a unique look and feel.

Architectural folders for american glass mosaic Sample binder Las Vegas Rock
Lamination options

Unlike protective liquid finishes such as aqueous coating, varnish or UV, film lamination actually reinforces paper- extending the life and improving the performance of printed pieces. Since it’s a film, it stretches and flexes, something liquid coatings can not do.

Gloss – Nylon Lamination

  • Clear, shiny film that enhances printing and intensifies color
  • A great choice when you want a clean look and color that really stands out
  • Optional Linen Texture:
    • Embossed textured finish minimizes fingerprints, scratching and scuffing
    • A good solid choice for heavily used materials

Natural Matte – Polypropylene Lamination

  • Subtle appearance
  • Non-reflective; minimizes color shift
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Virtually eliminates fingerprints

Matte Soft Touch – Nylon Lamination

  • Smooth, silky appearance – creates a refined, elegant look
  • Subtle surface texture creates a “soft touch” tactile feel.