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Round and square back binder stylized

Present your information in style

Showcase your brand with binders that are as unique as your business.

Key Features
Our custom binders not only reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility, but also provide long-lasting functionality with ample opportunities for creative expression and brand representation. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve been named “Best Binder in the World” and “Best Binder in North America”.

Full design flexibility

We offer a wide range of opportunities to customize your binders with a wide variety of unique cover materials, decorative finishes, and accessories to achieve the branding you desire. With these design options, you can unleash your creativity and make a lasting impression with a binder that reflects your unique style and brand identity.

  • Haworth cloth binder with debossing pattern and finger pull
  • Playworld die-cut window
  • Small binder design for Munsell

    Decorating options for binders provide a world of possibilities to create a visually stunning and personalized presentation, including cloth and specialty paper, full color print, NAKED™ binders, or a combination approach.

    Binder accessories offer practical and functional additions to elevate your organizational game, including specialty rings, die-cut accents, finger pulls, custom pockets, binder clips, and corner protectors.

    Your binders are sized to your needs, whether you need to house standard sheets, half sheets, oblong paper, or custom page sizes.

Made with sustainable materials

As part of our sustainability mission, all of our binder products begin with 100% PCW board. This 3-layer graphic board is constructed from post-consumer paper products that are then sorted, processed, recycled to a pulp, stretched, dried, and sheeted.

  • Naked binder with blind debossing for Xerox
  • Binders cased and lined with Astrobright papers
  • SAPIA ocean fabric on binders
  • Fish and Wildlife flush cut binder grouping

    Our fully recyclable NAKED™ binder is green to the core and makes no compromise when it comes to design, durability, and recyclability.

    For brands wanting to achieve a sustainable look while utilizing the power of print, recyclable uncoated paper is a great option.

    SAPIA, a cloth woven with 55% ocean recycled PET and 45% PCW rPET, offers a durable and versatile cover material option to show your brand's commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

    We take great pride in being certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Standard, which ensures that the source of the wood fiber for our products comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources; and provides environmental, social and economic benefits.

Strength and durability

We make the strongest, most beautiful binders possible. Our unique construction and use of high-quality materials create a binder that will not fail at the hinge, ensuring long-term functionality and resilience. Lab tested to 250,000 openings without failing, our Corporate Image binders are proven to stand the test of time.

  • Round back and square back binders stacked sideview
  • Binder liner with D-ring
  • Quality control on round back binder

    Our proprietary flexhinge technology creates durable presentation materials built to outlast the competition with a single piece of rigid cover board mechanically compressed to form hinges.

    Accessories such as corner protectors and finger pulls can extend the life of your binder, even if they are heavily used.

    Our team of employee owners understands that quality is everyone's job. That's why we have have multiple checks throughout the production process to ensure your project exceeds your expectations.

Due to the need for multiple sized binders for our various divisions, we wanted a solution that could keep our branding consistent. The clean design with finger pulls makes it easy for dealers to identify the specific division and grab it off the shelf. Corporate Image was easy to work with and delivered a high-end solution that helped reinforce Bertch as the unique company we are — a leading environmentally-friendly, high-end cabinet manufacturer.

Ryan H.

Bertch Cabinets

Binder Styles

Our binders are custom designed from a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences. With a diverse range of binder styles available, such as square back or round back, compact, easel, portfolio, presentation, or a unique combination of multiple styles, you can easily find the perfect option to make a lasting impression.

Drawing round back binder

Round Back

drawing round back portfolio binder

Round Back Portfolio

Drawing easel binder

Easel Round Back

Drawing square back binder

Square Back

Drawing portfolio binder

Square Back Portfolio

Drawing round and square back portfolio binder

Combination Square and Round

Drawing presentation binder

Pocketless Presentation

Drawing presentation binder one pocket

One Pocket Presentation

Drawing presentation binder with round portfolio flap

Two Pocket Presentation

Learn more about our range of sizes and styles for truly custom binders here


NAKED™ Binders

Our ultra sustainable NAKED™ binders provide a minimalist and eco-friendly look - no cover materials needed. Incorporate the 100% post-consumer waste graphic board into your design and decorate with blind debossing or foil stamping.

Cover Materials

Cover materials for binders offer different tactile properties that set your project apart. Specialty paper and cloth provide a luxurious and elegant touch, whereas full color print offers the opportunity to showcase vibrant graphics and branding.

Unique Accessories

Binder accessories add functionality and enhance the usability and aesthetics of binders. We offer a wide variety of accessory options, including specialty rings, die-cut accents, finger pulls, custom pockets, binder clips, and corner protectors.

Use Cases

Our custom binders are popular solutions across various industries, including financial institutions for organizing client portfolios and reports, educational institutions as welcome kits for students, and medical facilities for patient communication, ensuring efficient and secure information management.

The story of you binder grouping

Featured Case Study

logo artifact uprising

Colorado-based photo book company, Artifact Uprising, partnered with Corporate Image to create custom-sized 3-ring binders for their baby books, early years, and wedding albums. The cloth cover adds a timeless and sophisticated look, with minimalistic foil stamping. Attention to design details sets these baby journals apart, making them a lasting and beautiful way to preserve memories. Read the Story

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