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From sales totes, information kits, and custom packaging, paperboard boxes offer a flexible, highly customizable canvas for branding and engaging your clients. Folding board and paperboard boxes come in a wide range of styles and strengths.

Corporate Image paperboard packaging starts with the basics and can be configured into a myriad of box designs. Created to hold anything from the smallest micro products to a multitude of information materials, these little packaging solutions are mighty in their presentation. We have seen them used as healthcare patient information kits, financial planning guides, furniture and building supply kits, as well as promotions and on shelf packaging.

Printed boxes generally use 18 to 24 pt stock in either C1S or C2S depending on the needs of the project. The 24pt is best for larger projects and adds stability to your box or mailer. Printed boxes are often laminated to protect the printing and add longer life to the project. Corporate Image also has access to over 250 colors and 360,000 yards of stock woven and non-woven materials. These can be used to make some amazing packaging, boxes and mailers with unique and tactile finishes from beautiful woven fabrics to specialty papers with an amazing range of options. Depending on size and quantity, these boxes can be either offset or digitally printed.



Add a custom designed insert to hold your product and information in place.


If your custom box or packaging needs a little extra help to stay shut, Corporate Image offers a wide variety of closures. From velcro dots in white of black, magnets, turnbuckle and snap style closures, you can be sure your products and information are secure.

If your packaging will be traveling with you, adding a handle may help. Corporate Image offers handle options that will improve the look, feel and ease of use of your project. Our handles come in standard black and white.


Unlike protective liquid finishes such as aqueous coating, varnish or UV, film lamination actually reinforces paper- extending the life and improving the performance of printed pieces. Since it’s a film, it stretches and flexes, something liquid coatings can not do.

MATTE SOFT TOUCH – Nylon Lamination

  • Smooth, silky appearance – creates a refined, elegant look
  • Subtle surface texture creates a “soft touch” tactile feel.

NATURAL MATTE – Polypropylene Lamination

  • Subtle appearance
  • Non-reflective; minimizes color shift
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Virtually eliminates fingerprints

GLOSS – Nylon Lamination

  • Clear, shiny film that enhances printing and intensifies color
  • A great choice when you want a clean look and color that really stands out
  • Optional linen texture: embossed textured finish minimizes fingerprints, scratching and scuffing, a good solid choice for heavily used materials

+ Finishing

Foil stamping offers an elegant way of customizing your custom boxes and packaging. The wide range of available foils creates a look and feel as unique as your company.

Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver, to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine.

Spot UV is great way to highlight and accentuate your art with a subtle contrast.

Applied after lamination or varnish, a contrasting spot UV picks up the light and gives a tactile feel to your box or packaging. Using a spot UV gloss combined with matte lamination is a great way to add contrasting finishes to your project, with maximum style.

For best results, we recommend a matte soft touch matte lamination, which works well with spot UV.


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