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stylized folding carton boxes
Folding Carton

Ultimate branding flexibility

Created to hold anything from the smallest micro products to a multitude of information materials, these little packaging solutions are mighty in their presentation.

Key Features
Folding carton packaging, also known as paperboard packaging, is a popular choice for consumer goods, retail products, and information kits. Versatile, printable, foldable, and eco-friendly, this packaging is an excellent choice for various products, providing a balance between functionality, branding, and sustainability.

Highly customizable canvas

From sales totes, information kits, and custom packaging, paperboard boxes offer many unique options to support your branding and engage your clients. We offer a wide range of styles, making them the ideal solution for healthcare patient information kits, financial planning guides, furniture and building supply kits, as well as promotions and on-shelf packaging.

  • Software packaging for Universal Avionics
  • BioStat lab testing kits

    Present your products in style. A swivel USB drive and small booklet are secured inside this slipcase folding carton

    Our world-class designers can create the perfect package for your company's specific needs - shown here to hold test tubes for reagent testing.

Decorate and accessorize

Folding carton packaging is custom designed to your specific needs with eye-catching accessories and unique features. Use different closure styles like magnet or tuck-lock to create the desired opening experience, and wow your audience with beautiful embellishments and finishing options.

  • spot UV on folding carton
  • Sales box for Bunnell Idea Group
  • Vorago folding carton drawer box set

    Clever brand messaging shines on this box with clear UV print, one of the many decorating options we offer at our facility.

    A tuck lock construction allows for boxes to be shipped and stored, flat and easily assembled when needed. VELCO ensures that this box stays shut and holds its contents securely

    This slipcase is fully printed and laminated with our matte soft touch lamination for an elegant feel. Pulling the tray out of the slipcase creates a satisfying unboxing experience.

Box Styles

Folding carton packaging comes in various versatile styles, each designed to provide unique functionalities and enhance the overall packaging experience.

Drawing folding carton with tuck lock closure

Tuck Closure

Drawing folding carton tabbed closure

Tabbed Closure

Drawing folding carton with VELCRO closure

VELCRO® Closure

Drawing folding carton slipcase


Drawing sales box with tuck lock closure

Tote with Tuck Closure

Drawing sales tote with rounded flap

Tote with VELCRO® Closure

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Full color print

Folding cartons are fully printed with your design, completed with matte, gloss, or soft touch lamination. You can enhance your graphics with spot UV, foil stamping, debossing, die-cutting, and other treatments that make your packaging project stand out.


Your folding carton box wouldn't be complete without a custom insert to secure the contents, the right closure mechanism, finger notches, or even a convenient handle to take your kit on the go. Our accessories for folding carton packaging are worth exploring.

Use Cases

Folding carton packages are commonly used for a wide range of consumer goods, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and luxury goods as well as printed information, for example in employee onboarding packages, distributor resource libraries, or patient information kits. They provide an attractive and functional packaging solution, ensuring product protection, easy storage, and convenient display on store shelves.

bioSTAT Corp


Lab Testing Kit

Delta Dental


Benefits Information

Bunnell Idea Group


Presentation Package

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