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December 2, 2022

Unfold Joy with Flat Fold CI RIGIDBOX® Products

Joyful Holidays from Corporate Image

For the holidays, innovative packaging is a must! Gift sets communicate the giver’s sincerity and appreciation not only in the enclosed products, but in the unboxing experience it provides to the receiver. That’s why, this year, we are inviting our customers to unfold joy with Corporate Image.

Why the Flat Fold CI RIGIDBOX™ Package?

In order to create the ultimate holiday card for our customers, we knew we had to send a show stopping CI RIGIDBOX™ product. When assessing each box style, one stood out against the rest as a unique selling point that could become a mainstay on our recipients’ desks, and that was the G-Style Flat Fold CI RIGIDBOX™. For one thing, this innovative rigid packaging solution ships and stores flat, so we knew that despite beginning production on our holiday cards in early June, the finished product would be super easy to store.

However, since we were sending singular boxes to multiple different locations, we opted to send preassembled holiday cards for our customers’ immediate satisfaction – but the “joy” of the flat fold is that unfolding and reassembling the package is part of the fun!

Holiday Card Unique Features

Our Unfold Joy Holiday Card features a 4c print with soft-touch lamination and two die-cut panels that create a shadow box effect when the package is folded shut, secured by the magnets hidden beneath the liner.

We went for artistry in our card by creating tree die-cuts, but like our honey box, the panel that cuts through the middle of the box could be die-cut to the shape of whatever product our clients want to place. In our case, the gift is the box—and we wanted to show you everything it could do!

We featured a print design to showcase our superior printing quality, but this G-style package could be covered in any number of our cover materials and make just as much of an impact.

As for lamination, we chose soft-touch as it is our most popular film because of its luxuriously smooth feel, but we could have used gloss, natural matte, or even linen lamination to evoke the texture of cloth. However, soft-touch on this holiday card adds a smooth tactile element to the package that synergizes with the intriguing unboxing experience.

Finally, the snow-white board visible on the die-cut trees is a reminder that base of this package, like all other CI RIGIGBOX™ products, is >95% rigid paperboard, because Corporate Image has committed to creating more sustainable products since 1983!

What’s Next?

Soon, the holiday season will be winding down, and a new year will be on the horizon. We can’t wait to get started on new presentation projects and packaging innovations. We hope to see you next year with designs even more groundbreaking and revolutionary than this past year. For our clients and partners, working this year with you has been a pleasure! Let’s keep going strong into the next.

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