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Healthy, strong and beautiful marketing materials

We are committed to sustainability!

At Corporate Image we believe in sustainability, and we believe that you can make a big impact and still leave a small footprint. That’s why our Corporate Image presentation materials are constructed of 100% post-consumer waste binders board and recycled papers. We do not produce binders or folders made of vinyl as it is not only toxic, it is also not recycled in the U.S.!

Eco-friendly gives you plenty of options!

A sustainable 3-ring binder, box or pocket folder from Corporate Image is not only crafted with outstanding quality. Our products are stronger, have better printing and more design options.

If you want the ultimate in sustainability, our elemental bare board binders are perfect for you. Bare board binders can be foil stamped and debossed for a great, sustainable look and feel.

Bare board binder with foil stamping and finger pull for Wilsonart Flooring

If you prefer a sustainable binder with full color graphics, our flush cut binder is a great option for you. Flush cut binders are also made of 100% post-consumer waste binders board, but have an uncoated sheet of paper printed and adhered to the outside. The binders board is exposed at the edge of the binder to create a unique, eco-friendly look and feel. The exposed edge allows us to skip the lamination step while still creating a strong, beautiful binder.

eco friendly printed 3 ring binders

A fully printed binder from Corporate Image is still a fantastic sustainable option. Like our bare board and flush cut binders, printed binders are also made from 100% post consumer waste board plus printed papers and optional lamination. The laminate is inert and recyclable – just like the rest of the binder. Our digitally printed binders offer one additional environmental benefit: Digital print eliminates much of the waste associated with offset printing. Bringing a press up to color generates a lot of printed paper that cannot be used for the job. A digital press is up to speed immediately, meaning waste sheets are a thing of the past.

If a binder is not quite what you need, our glueless pocket folders might work better for your project. These folders are unique in that they are made without glue. This offers several benefits: saving energy and materials in manufacturing, less packaging and space, and cutting shipping and storage costs. Some of the folders use tuck-flaps; others fold over to enclose the documents inside.

Please visit our gallery for design inspiration or contact our sales team with any questions you might have!

Binder for Tree City USA