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Whether you’re new to presentation and packaging design or are an experienced practitioner, sharing an understanding of common terms we use in our design and production process will make our collaboration more successful.

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An adhesive is the glue we use in our manufacturing process. We often use a protein gelatin which provides the proper amount of tack needed for our high-quality products. Adhesive is used to join the cover or liner to the PCW paperboard to create your custom binder or packaging product. Any adhesives we utilize must be strong enough to stick to laminated paper and cloth to offer you the full range of cover material options without sacrificing the durability of your product.


Bare Board Binder

A natural bare board binder, or NAKED™ binder, is our greenest binder with a beauty all its own — fibers and flakes of 100% post-consumer waste. While the binder is not printed or covered in cloth, there are options available to decorate the bare binders board. Choose a foil stamp or a deboss to customize your bare board binder on the spine and/or the front cover. To prevent fraying the corners are rounded.

Binders Board

Binders board or graphic board is the universal core material for bookbinding, three ring binders, packaging, and game boards. The binders board Corporate Image uses for all flexhinge binders is made from 100% post-consumer waste consisting of newsprint, clean office waste, and magazines. The waste paper is pulped and made into board layers. The layers are then adhered together to produce the desired thickness. We use binders board in two thicknesses: 94-point for printed binders and 110-point for cloth binders. Our binders board is not only 100% post-consumer waste but also fully recyclable.

Binder Clips

Take notes easily by adding a binder clip and notepad to the back of your binder.

Binder Liners

When producing a printed binder you have the option of printing the liner to match the exterior or complement the cover at no additional charge for offset printed binders. Cloth binders can use the same color cloth, a contrasting cloth, or a fully printed liner to complete your desired look.

Book Style Box

This style of CI RIGIDBOX® is a two-piece box consisting of an outer board and an attached tray. The outer board wraps around the tray and resembles a book when closed. This CI RIGIDBOX style is available with and without a magnetic closure. See examples here.

Brochure Cuts, CD/DVD Slits

Put additional information in the hands of your audience by including a brochure or CD/DVD with your presentation kit. Standard brochure cuts and CD/DVD slits are available on horizontal pockets of your folder or presentation binder at no charge.

Business Card Cuts

Business cards are a great option to personalize your presentation materials. Corporate Image provides standard business card cuts on horizontal pockets of your folder or presentation binder at no additional charge.


Cloth Binders

Our cloth binders are 100% post-consumer waste graphic board with a beautifully finished cloth covering in just about any color you could want. In fact, our parent company, LBS, has the largest selection of binding and packaging fabric in North America. We stock a large variety of cloth cover materials offering over 200 color and texture choices. We also stock bonded leather and acrylic coated paper, as well as organic cotton, and a cotton/linen blend.

We also have a natural rayon/viscose cloth available in many eye-popping colors. All of our cover materials can be decorated with debossing or foil stamping.

Concept Drawing

This drawing is the initial step in the design process for our CI RIGIDBOX®. It shows the general idea of the functionality and style of the box. A concept drawing is not necessarily true to dimensions or specs, but an initial draft to visualize options.

Corrugated Packaging

We offer both folding carton and corrugated packaging styles when your project requires something different than rigid or turned-edge setup boxes. We can make beautiful packaging from 18-point or 24-point stock or corrugated material. You may print and laminate the box or choose to cover the box with fabrics or coated papers. We have a variety of boxes that ship flat for easy storage and transport.


Die-Cut Windows

Die-cut windows add dimension to any binder cover, pocket folder, or packaging design. They provide a glimpse at the content and can be used to further customize or personalize your materials.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on paper using toner rather than liquid inks. It is ideal for “short run” projects. No printing plates are required and there is generally less paper waste and fewer chemicals compared to offset printing. However, the quality of digital printing – while very good – doesn’t compare to offset and allows for fewer finishing options.

Digital Rendering

The digital rendering is created based off the customer’s specifications. If art files are provided, they can be incorporated into the rendering. Renderings will be presented to the customer in flat or 3D PDF format and provide a full visual concept of their CI RIGIDBOX® packaging.


File Transfer

It’s easy to transfer files to Corporate Image. We accept the latest versions of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Use our convenient Sharefile upload to send us your print-ready artwork files. Please contact your sales representative for a complete list of file specifications for digital or offset printing.

Finger Pulls

Metal finished finger pulls make it easier to remove binders from shelves and actually extend the life of the binder by reducing stress and wear on the top of the spine. They also make a nice design detail.

Flat Fold

This unique CI RIGIDBOX® packaging  style is one flat board which is folded to create housing for a product. Through multiple scores, die-cuts and magnets, this innovative box style can ship flat and only requires folding along the scores to create the finished box.

Flush-Cut Binder

This binder is unique to Corporate Image. We apply a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Then, we trim the board so the cover and liner are flush with the edge of the board. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper, and ink that reveals the core of the binder, our post-consumer waste graphic board. This creates a great, natural look and is 100% recyclable.


“Green at the Core”

This simply means that all the products that we produce are constructed from post-consumer waste or renewable materials where possible. We believe in sustainability, and we believe that you can make a big impact and still leave a small footprint.


House Paper

These are papers that we have selected because they consistently meet our quality specifications. They ultimately produce the best possible products.



Lamination is a nontoxic film of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene.

We offer gloss, soft touch and natural matte lamination films as well as specialty lamination options. Unlike protective liquid finishes such as aqueous coating, varnish or UV, film lamination actually reinforces paper, preventing litho crack, corner wear and paper tear on spines and score lines.

The unique properties of lamination ensure that printed pieces last longer and perform better, an important consideration in regards to the sustainable life of a printed piece. Since it’s a film, it stretches and flexes, something liquid coatings can’t do.


Neck & Shoulder Box

This CI RIGIDBOX® packaging style consists of three parts. The lid and the base of the box are the same dimensions around with an inner attached piece acting as a neck. A neck & shoulder box can be closed all the way (meaning that the lid and the base meet) or part of the neck can be revealed for a different look.​ See examples here.


Page Lifters

For large capacity binders, page lifters help lift and separate pages. They’re available in black or white.

Paper Pockets

Organize your materials with environmentally friendly paper pockets. They are made with 100% post-consumer material and are recyclable!

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard packaging, also known as folding carton, is made from 18-point or 24-point stock. You may print and laminate the box or choose to cover the box with fabrics or coated papers. We have a variety of boxes that ship flat for easy storage and transport.

Presentation Binders

These unique binders are a hybrid of a pocket folder and a ring binder. Images are offset printed directly on 18- or 24-point stock. The binders can be laminated with gloss, soft touch or natural matte film. Round rings are available up to 1”.

Printed Binder

Our printed binders are run on a 6-color Manroland press on our 100# C2S cover stock. The liner for the binder is printed on the same sheet as the cover. So, there’s no additional charge for a printed liner with our offset printed binders.

Covers and liners are laminated with gloss, matte soft touch or natural matte film to add durability and protect the printed image. The cover material is turned over 94-point binders board and the liner is applied to the inside. Hinges are pressed into the finished board and the correct ring mechanism is riveted into the binder. Printed binders are available in either the traditional square back or a round spine.


A prototype of your project is built to represent the shape, size, style, materials and, if available, art placement of your graphics. Please note that the prototype could be hand-built, not machine grade, and might not show the same quality of strength and structural fit as the actual production run.



The right binder ring makes a difference in the form and function of your binder. It is important to select the size and style of ring that works best for the way your binder will be used. The size of your ring determines the spine and cover size of your binders.

  • Round rings are mounted on the spine of square back binders and on the back cover of round back binders.
  • D-Rings mount on the back cover. They offer greater page capacity and help paper lie flat and align evenly in the binder.
  • Steel rings can be recycled with other metal products.
  • Ring options
    • Chrome, black or custom colors.
    • Round or D-Ring.
    • With or without boosters.
    • Locking rings.
    • 3-ring or multi-ring.
    • Additional lead-time is necessary for special orders.

Round Back Spine

The round back spine is a classic case of form following function. It both fits in the hand, and conforms to the shape of the ring. These spines are created by a series of close hinges that result in an attractive curved spine.


Spine Wrap

A spine wrap is designed to accentuate binders and make them stand out on the shelf by mixing cover materials. Corporate Image offers laminated, printed materials, or attractive fabrics to cover the spine of your binders. The spine wrap may be applied to a bare board binder, or one covered with contrasting cloth or paper.


A slipcase is a CI RIGIDBOX® packaging style as well as a corrugated or folding carton option. This box is made of two pieces where the tray slides into an outer sleeve.


Tab Dividers

Tabs are ideal for organizing materials in a three ring binder or box. Our tab dividers enhance and complete your presentation product with style. Offset printed tabs are produced on 12-point stock. Digitally printed tabs are available on either 12-point stock or a 100# white index with Mylar® reinforcement.

Telescoping Box

A telescoping box is a style that consists of two pieces, a lid, and a base. The lid slides over the base and can either close fully (full telescope) or leave a reveal of the base (partial telescope).


When you are ready to begin the final design phase of your presentation material project, we will email a template to you and you will lay your artwork out on that template. This ensures that your final product will match your design as well as score lines, glue strips, tuck flaps and die-cutting tolerances. If you’re working on a standard product, we will send you a standard template. If you’re working on a custom project, we’ll work together to create a template just for you. Before we produce a job, we’ll send you a proof that has been folded to your specs so you can visualize the finished job. Please note that we will not provide a classic template for our CI RIGIDBOX® packaging projects. Our in-house design team will work with you on creating the graphics for your packaging project.


White Board Mock-Up

This physical mock-up of your CI RIGIDBOX® packaging or presentation material project is a basic, hand-built construction to show the structure and size of the product. This mock-up is to be reviewed to ensure all components of your project fit and work well together.

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