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Whether buying online or off a retail shelf, the first interaction your customers have with your product is packaging. As such, it is of utmost importance that your packaging not only serves as a protective vessel for your products but also relay the look, quality, and reliability of your brand identity. Utilizing a combination of creative techniques and the latest in packaging technology, CI RIGIDBOX products have distinctly unique features no other packaging line in the Americas can offer, resulting in an unforgettable consumer experience, boosting your customer confidence and loyalty to your brand.

CI RIGIDBOX provides your brand with the distinction and status it deserves, sustainably. Our new proprietary packaging technology allows us to produce raw board boxes made from up to 99.99% PCW (post-consumer waste), maximizing the raw substrate potential, creating the ultimate sustainable luxury packaging solution.

Features include:


From a technical standpoint, a 90-degree angle is formed when two lines intersect with perfect perpendicular precision.


All RIGIDBOX products are produced utilizing a 3 layer raw paperboard. constructed from post-consumer paper products that are then sorted, processed, recycled to a pulp, stretched, dried, and sheeted.

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CI RIGIDBOX book style for Neenah


Our specialty paper collections are interesting to the eye, vibrant, and sensual to the touch. Bring your packaging to life. Add a bit of shimmer, a leather feel, or a bold texture to capture the attention your brand needs.

A Variety of rawboard colors

Our proprietary technology allows the beauty of the raw board to be the star of your packaging. You can also cover it in an array of different materials, all while maintaining durability and strength. The rigid paperboard is available in a variety of stunning colors, minimizing the need for additional cover materials and allowing for the purest form of luxury. Of course we can customize your packaging with a variety of decorating options to meet your branding needs.


Print on it. Foil Stamp it. SPOT UV IT. DEBOSS IT. LAMINATE IT.

The possibilities are truly endless and are what truly differentiates RIGIDBOX products as the only option for sustainable luxury packaging.

check out some of our latest styles


The Gotham Chocolates Raw Board Telescoping Box is produced using our CI Red rigid paperboard (without cover material). It is embellished with a hit of deep black with spot UV raised link on the lid and a 1C QR code underneath. The style is a telescope box where the lid fully covers the base when closed. This box design builds up anticipation when lifting the lid as you slowly reveal what precious secrets are held inside. Click HERE for more information.


The OXO Flooring box is a cased and lined telescoping box. Both the base and the lid are fully wrapped in a decorative golden specialty paper which has been foil stamped with the minimalistic branding. The subtle elegance of the cover material combined with the classic style of the box let the high-quality structural design truly speak for itself.


Jay’s Cookies box is a telescoping box with a large reveal. When closed, the lid of the box allows for 3″ of the base to be visible. The base of the box is made using our raw rigid board in Deep Black. The lid is made of the same material, but the outside is wrapped with a digitally printed and laminated paper for full design flexibility. In this case, Jay’s created two different print designs while keeping the box structure the same. Click HERE for more information.

Experiential Telescope

Four-sided drop box

Luxury Packaging Telescope 2-sided drop box for product
Experience the surprising reveal upon lifting the lid: all four sides of the box drop flat to the side, giving away the content of the packaging. The advent box for St. Andrew UMC is wrapped in eye-catching blue cloth with silver metallic foil stamping on  the lid.  You can see the Deep Black CI RIGIDBOX board when the bottom piece unfolds. The inside of the box is fully printed with natural matte lamination.


neck + shoulder BOX

This pink and white Babi box is designed with the “WOW” factor in mind. When closed, the box appears seamless. Only when separating the top from the base is the CI Brilliant White raw rigid paperboard center revealed. The base and lid are made using our Light Pink CI RIGIDBOX board. For decoration, the lid is foil stamped in which ties the visual design back to the structural design elements of this two-colored the neck & shoulder box.

neck + shoulder BOX

with QUARTER reveal

Luxury Packaging for Jewelry
The Chico’s box utilizes the stark contrast between bright white and deep black elements to create an eye-catching jewelry box. The base and lid are of the same measurements and fully wrapped in printed and laminated sheets. The lid features a single color print for branding. The inner box is made from CI Deep Black raw board. The same material is used for the die-cut insert that holds the jewelry piece in place and completes the elevated look of the package. Check out the project HERE!

book style BOX

Commonly referred to as a “cigar” style box, the bookstyle box has a single rigid board flap that opens like a book. This Yardscape box has two separate components. The center tray, which holds the contents, is made from Sunny Yellow CI RIGIDBOX board. The raw board is then decorated with a logo that has been directly printed onto the raw board. The outer flap is wrapped in a digitally printed, yellow matte paper wrapped to match the raw board tray.

book style BOX w/ magnets

The ultimate in luxury, the bookstyle box with magnetic closure ranks among the stars. This Ulliman Schutte box is fully printed 4c with a matte soft touch lamination for a silky textural feel. The beautiful print design continues on the inside of the lid for an eye-catching brand experience when opening the box. A custom die-cut foam insert holds the contnets securely in place.

slipcase box

The slipcase is another classic luxury packaging style. This box design for PRAVI No. 7 consists of the tray which holds the content and the outer slipcase. The tray is a raw board box made from our Smoky Taupe CI RIGIDBOX board without any decorations. In this case, the slipcase is the eye-catcher using a beautiful brown cover material which has been foil stamped with a gorgeous gold metallic foil.

slipcase box double-sided

This award-winning slipcase created for CI provides a playful opening experience. Instead of sliding a tray out of the slipcase, you slide 2 slipcases off the tray, opening the view straight to the center of the box. The CI slipcases are made from our raw board in Deep Black while the tray is made from Vivid Orange raw board. The slipcases are decorated with a UV printed logo that crosses over from one part of the slipcase to the other, aligning perfectly when closed. This box was recognized with the 2021 Packaging Design Award by GDUSA for its sustainable design.

gatefold box

with  magnetic closure

As the name of this style suggests, the gatefold box is inspired by the experience of opening a gate, curious to see what lies behind. The magnetic closure in the center of the box functions like a seal holding the two folds from either side of the box together. Behind the seal lies the tray which is made from our Brilliant White RIGIDBOX raw board while the wrap is cased and lined in an elegant white paper. This eye-catching box is luxuriously decorated with silver metallic foil stamping on the magnetic gate.

G-STYLE / Z-STYLE  flat-fold BOX

The most innovative box style in our lineup are our G-Fold and Z-Fold RigidBox®. Both boxes shown above feature clever construction mande from a single sheet of rigid paperboard. Each sheet is precisely grooved and die-cut to hold the products in place while the board wraps around it; then secured by hidden magents when assembled. Being a flat fold means that this box ships as a flat unit, to be easily assembled, or better to say folded, when needed. The boxes above are fully wrapped in a beautiful 4C-print glossy laminate. For more information, check it out HERE!

customize your branded luxury packaging

6 easy steps

Raw board is what makes us the choice for luxury packaging. Our proprietary technology allows the beauty of the board to be the star or cover it in an array of different materials, all while sustaining durability and strength. Print on it. foil stamp it. emboss it. spot UV it. laminate it. check out some of the latest examples

size it up


Provide a few details and our packaging experts will assist you by designing the right size to fit your product or materials based on your vision.



We offer an array of box styles to choose from to work with your contents perfectly.



We have a vast selection of raw board colors that you can combine or go with a monochromatic look.



Bring your branding to life! From embellishing the raw board itself to using a paper or cloth as cover material, with CI RIGIDBOX the decorating possibilities are endless!



Inserts hold everything in place, from retail products to presentation materials all in one organized package.



The final tweaks to perfection and  production.

Design experts ready to bring it to life

Providing eco-friendly packaging solutions has been our mission for over 35 years and CI RIGIDBOX is our newest sustainable masterpiece. As we are revolutionizing the luxury packaging market, we look forward to learning more about you, your brand, and your project. Let our expert team help you create designs that tell your brand’s story and engage your audience!


fully printed, eco-friendly binder

The appearance of your marketing or sales sets has an impact on how your company is perceived. That’s why we offer cohesive branding across all of our high-quality presentation materials.

fully printed, eco-friendly binder

Custom packaging creates an instant hands-on experience and wow factor that opens doors. Let our in-house package designers work with you to create a striking box design for your brand.

fully printed, eco-friendly binder

Our Naked Binder line is green to the core and makes no compromise when it comes to design, durability, and recyclability.


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