NECK & SHOULDER RIGIDBOX™ – For exquisite product reveals showing bigger is better!

Corporate Image set out to create a luxurious and sensational statement piece for Chico FAS’ 2021 line of ‘Over-the-Top’ jewelry. Featuring over half a dozen different pieces, each one comes displayed in a gorgeous Blanc et Noir neck and shoulder box. 

CI RIGIDBOX™ blow that thinking out of the water. One look at their sample boxes reveals that not only can you have your cake and eat it, you can also add a dab of honey to it as well.

NO Cover Materials Required!

A package set to WOW! Manufactured out of sustainable, 100% post-consumer waste (aka PCW) – a raw-board surface that allows you to adorn your design with any options you choose such as UV printing, embossing/debossing, and hot-foil stamping. This particularly exquisite example has the logo UV-printed on top for a simple but bold and modern look on the top of the package.

Neck & Should Reveal allows for HIGH Contrast!

Utilizing a white upper and lower box combined with the quarter reveal allows for a  secondary color main body to be utilizing which gives a striking contrast between closed and opening.

Demonstrating your products and going ‘Over-the-Top’!

When excessive is the main part of your vocabulary in the product you are selling, CI RIGIDBOX™ is the way to go! If you’re looking for dramatic and breath-taking, let Corporate Image help you design a true statement piece!

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