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The story of you binder grouping

Case Study

Artifact Uprising

Memories that last a lifetime, captured in an album that lasts just as long!


The inspiring motto of Artifact Uprising, a Colorado based photo book company, is to create joy by helping people honor the meaningful memories in their lives through printed photo gifts, books, and more. With a focus on high quality and elevated design, they work to make permanence of what matters most. Every product they offer has to live up to their brand promise of purpose within, which affects material selection as well as design standards. Their series of baby journals and early years albums are no exception: the products need to be well constructed, durable, and, of course, beautiful.


When parents or caregivers document mini-milestones during a baby’s first year, the intent is to tell these stories for years to come. The Story of You, Artifact Uprising’s interactive photo journal, guides through the different stages of childhood development with beautifully designed, inclusive prompts inside a custom ring binder. This style of binding makes it simple to remove or rearrange pages as needed, so that one can create a photo book that tells a child’s life with photos, stories, or other prints.

Baby journals are meant to last a lifetime, which is why durability is a key factor for Artifact Uprising’s customers. They want to be able to relive the memories of baby’s first year over and over again. Since the journals will be used for many decades, their design should be timeless and appealing to a large variety of families. As a company that cares about the environment, the usage of recycled or reclaimed materials is an important guide across all of Artifact Uprising’s product lines, including their binders.

Closeup of powder coated rings inside cloth binder


In collaboration with the team at Artifact Uprising, we created custom sized ring binders for their baby books, early years, and wedding albums utilizing our signature flexhinge technology. Like all our Corporate Image binders, the hinges here are flexed into a single piece of rigid paperboard, making them some of the strongest binders available. The cover board is made from 100% post-consumer waste and supports Artifact Uprising’s commitment to utilizing recycled or reclaimed materials in all of their products.

For a timeless look and sophisticated feel, as well as added strength, the binders are covered in different types and colors of cloth. The natural, uncoated tactility of VERONA® cloth from LBS paired with the wide selection of colors made that woven material a great choice. The front cover and spine are decorated with a minimalistic foil stamp while the rings and rivets used on these binders are powder-coated to complement the color of the foil. The team selected a special A5-ring construction in lieu of a standard 3-ring binder to further customize the journal. It’s precisely this attention to design details that really set these baby journals apart.

The Stories We Tell scrapbook binder in rust
The Story of you cloth binder with foil stamped design
The stories we tell midnight cloth binder
The story of you and the stories we tell binder group
Closeup of foil stamping on cloth
Closeup of powder coated D-rings
Cloth binder open showing powder coated rings
The stories we tell binder group

Production Specs


Square back binder


10-1/4″ high x 11-7/16″ wide with 1-5/8″ square spine


1″ (A-5) D-ring mounted to back panel. Rings and rivets powder-coated to match foil stamp design


Cased and lined in select cloth options such as LBS’ Verona® in carefully selected colors


1c foil stamp on front cover and spine

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