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Cloth covered boxes

Elevate the look and feel of your box with our selection of beautiful, tactile cover materials. Real cloth adds a high end textural appeal to your materials.

Cloth covered setup box for Herman Miller cloth and paperboard sample boxes
Turned edge box with cloth for Herman Miller
Cover materials for boxes

The benefits of cloth go beyond looks and feel.  Book cloths are incredibly durable making a cloth covered box stronger than almost any other you can find.  The cloth box you make today can easily still be in use (and looking great) 30 years from now.

Color Guide for LBS cover materials
find your perfect shade

With our sister company, LBS, we store a huge assortment of book cloth that can help you complete your project in a timely fashion.

Compare the entire LBS Cover Materials collection, every type and every texture with the LBS Color Guide.

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cloth covered set up boxes - corporate image cloth and paperboard sample boxes
Finishing your Box
Corrugated box with handle
Closures & Handles
Use your custom-designed box or packaging with ease.
Desert Essence corrugated box insert
Box Inserts
Add a custom designed insert to hold your product and information in place.
Software packaging for Universal Avionics
Lamination for Boxes
Laminate your custom boxes and packaging for durability and style.
Turned edge box designed by KitchenAid
Details for Boxes
Give your box set a little "pop" with spot UV & foil stamping.