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August 19, 2022

How to Create the Ultimate Sustainable Packaging

Precise Construction

In any other set up box in the packaging industry, raw boxes just aren’t an option. Why? Because the method in which they’re made requires the boxes to be wrapped with a cover material. With CI RIGIDBOX™ packages, our process is different from the very beginning.

CI RIGIDBOX™ packages are made with perfect 90-degree corners whether they are wrapped in cover materials or made with raw board.

We source thick board with high rigidity which creates durable luxury packages. Furthermore, our board is ideal for die-cutting. We v-groove our board with a proprietary method that allows CI RIGIDBOX™ packages to fold up into perfect 90-degree corners every time, creating stunning raw board packages with no need for cover materials.

Sustainability in Style

All CI RIGIDBOX™ products are made utilizing raw rigid paperboard constructed from >95% post-consumer waste paper materials. These materials are sorted, processed, recycled to a multi-directional fibered pulp, stretched, dried, food-color dyed and sheeted to become the beautiful, raw foundation of our boxes.

Depending on your customization choices, our capabilities make it possible to create curbside recyclable product packages with all the gilt of a run-of-the-mill luxury package, sans guilt!

We can create a variety of box styles made exclusively from raw board, including Telescoping (with 2-sided and 4-sided drop available), Neck and Shoulder, Slipcase (double-sided slipcases available as well), and classic Book Style.

Unlimited Decoration Combinations

We don’t just have a variety of box styles, we also have a plethora of finishing options and board colors to choose from.

Besides the classic grey, our ultra-smooth raw board comes in 11 different colors: Deep Black, Brilliant White, Royal Blue, Vivid Orange, Aqua Blue, Sunny Yellow, Scarlet Red, Light Pink, Smoky Taupe, Mint Green, and Blue Denim (which is actually made with recycled jean fibers!). Make your raw board box stand apart from the rest with a striking color!

Our colored raw board is fully dyed, so even when it’s die-cut, you’ll find vivid color throughout.

Our decorating options can be applied directly onto any color of raw board, which means you have a number of customizations at your disposal. Craft an elegant package with foil stamping, improve your audience’s tactile experience with blind debossing, or add information, patterns, or logos with UV printing.

Remember, our raw board can be covered as well; boxes like the Book Style or Slipcase are an excellent opportunity to try out a hybrid raw board and covered look!

Need some cover material inspiration? Check out our gallery.

Book Style Box made from Vivid Orange raw board tray. Box wrap cased in black Pearl Linen and lined with black endleaf paper. Decorated with UV print and foil stamping, with a magnetic closure.

Raw board can also create the perfect accent for inside your package as well. With a raw board insert you can skip the mess of shredded paper while remaining recyclable. Furthermore, we can decorate our inserts with the same techniques we use to decorate our boxes! That means UV printed instructions for use, foil stamped product names or categories, or embossed reorder instructions.

And don’t forget sleeves! Sleeves on your raw board box are a great way to add contrasting textures, product information, or to change the unboxing entirely. It also makes some box styles possible in the raw! For example, a flat-fold package normally requires magnets in order to snap close, and we require board with magnet to be cased to properly function.

If you secure your package with a sleeve rather than magnets, raw board book style boxes or flat-fold boxes become possible!

Sleeves can enhance your package’s entire unboxing.

Two folded G-style flat fold boxes are angled against each other one with a black sleeve, and one without. An open box sleeve beside them shows informational print.
Custom 4C printed sleeve on 12pt Folding Board

Make it Raw

Since 1983, Corporate Image has pursued sustainability in all of our products using post-consumer waste board as the basis for every binder, architectural folder, and now luxury package.

If you’re interested in our other raw products, check out our Binders line; this innovative presentation solution includes bare board binders available in classic grey or covered in a collection of eco-friendly, uncoated ASTROBRIGHTS® Paper from Neenah.

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