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July 28, 2022

The Power of Sleeves for Your CI RIGIDBOX® Packaging

Folding board is a lightweight, flexible packaging solution; however, its flexibility is not just in the material itself—it is the chameleon of packaging and can work in new and exciting ways when paired with other materials!

Folding Board as a Sleeve for your CI RIGIDBOX® Package

Sleeves are the unsung hero of packaging, and, when used properly, can elevate your brand by providing useful information, inducing more sales, and growing your fan base. Furthermore, sleeves physically enhance your unboxing experience by adding a layer which extends the experience. It can also eliminate the need for magnets in book style or flat fold style boxes, increasing the sustainability of your offering – so get creative!

Provide useful information

The sleeve for your CI RIGIDBOX® package can be instrumental in providing useful information to your customers about your product. For example, it could provide instructions for product usage and/or provide a list of product ingredients.

Induce more sales

Every product is a mark of your brand, and a sleeve is a great way to advertise related products while providing more information about what you do. Your sleeve can include reorder instructions to induce repeat businesses and referrals or it can offer information on other products in your portfolio. Plus, it’s a great spot for adding promotional offers and discount codes!


Grow your fan base

In this age of influencer kits and the rising online presence of brands, it’s important that your print materials not be left behind. Your CI RIGIDBOX™ sleeve can offer incentives for joining a social media campaign or program and offer information on referral programs.

As a brand owner, it’s important for you to differentiate your brand’s purpose. Sleeves are an excellent place to provide in-depth information on company sustainability initiatives, corporate responsibility, and community give back programs to name a few.

Save money reaching economies of scale

For products with similar packaging needs that require lower minimum order quantities (MOQ’s), rather than investing in multiple SKU’s of different rigid boxes, you can instead differentiate flavors, fragrances, or colors with a sleeve or belly band!

Designing Your Sleeve

At Corporate Image, we have used box sleeves to promote the Flat Fold Series of our CI RIGIDBOX™ brand of packaging. The sleeve is where we located information on additional decorating options, our commitment to sustainability, and the specs of the accompanying Flat Fold box.

Sleeves are typically composed of 8-14 pt folding board. The material is incredibly versatile because it can be printed, varnished or laminated, decorated with foils, and embossed, debossed, or UV printed. Sleeves usually cover the entirety or majority of the package it compliments.

Sleeves can be formed in a variety of ways: glueless with an innovative closure, or glued as seen below.

A thinner relative to the sleeve is called a belly band, which is considerably narrower than the package. A belly band often only highlights the brand logo, but can also be used to convey other information while keeping things cinched up tight, like the narrow belly band holding together the stationary in the box below.

Creating a meaningful package

Whatever the usage, sleeves and belly bands can provide more than just an additional step in the unboxing experience, they can truly create fellowship to your brand and be part of your story. Talk to your sales rep about how sleeves can enhance your CI RIGIDBOX™ luxury package.

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