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April 23, 2018

The Complex Simplicity of Bare Board Binders

This simple and textural custom binder option is surely going to make a powerful impact on your audience. The eco-friendly look of the bare binders board reflects your environmental commitment and creates a unique appeal for your 3-ring binder.

Express your environmental values

Bare board binders are the perfect choice for clients who want to express their environmental values through their presentation materials. The post-consumer waste binders board is strong and clean and can stand on its own as a binder. You don’t need to cover it up with print but instead incorporate its texture into your design. The core materials make for the most eco-friendly binder possible and are an elegant statement in themselves.

To add to the overall strength of the binder, bare board binders are manufactured with rounded corners. Since there is no additional layer of protection such as a printed sheet with lamination, the corners of a bare board binder are completely exposed. Rounding the corners makes the binder stronger and more resistant to potential damages from every day use, for example accidentally bumping a binder against the edge of a shelf.

Bare board binders can be designed with both a square back or a round back. The round back is created through multiple scores along the spine which forms the board into an architectural curve. The square back allows the placement of a finger pull.

Customizing options on bare board

Even though there is no printed litho sheet wrapped around the board for full color graphics inside and out (see our fully printed binders for this option – they are also made from 100% post-consumer waste board), you can still customize your bare board binder. They decorate beautifully with foil stamping or debossing. If you like the style of the bare binders board but need more area for customization, you can consider a printed spine wrap and leave part of the front and back cover exposed. Or you can add a cloth spine wrap for an extra tactile sensation and visual elegance. If you handle the spine of your binder a lot, the fabric will keep it from showing any signs of wear.

Let’s take a look at some design examples from our customers who have really added their own touches to our bare board binders!

Foil stamping on bare board: Bevel, designed by Wajskol Design & Communications

Debossing and foil stamping: WilsonArt, designed by Marketing Alternatives (voted best binder in North America)

Printed spine wrap on bare board binder: The Soul Sisterhood

Cloth spine wrap on bare board binder: Deluxe Corporation

Please contact your Corporate Image sales rep to learn more about our bare board binders or request a sample to see the simple beauty of exposed binders board for yourself!

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