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October 24, 2019

Project Spotlight: Burke


Burke designs and manufactures playground and recreation products that move you. And with their focus on a healthy youth comes a firm believe in the importance of sustainable solutions.

When looking for a fun way to showcase their innovative commercial playground equipment, the ability to create presentation materials that are both custom designed and sustainable were some of the deciding factors for partnering with Corporate Image.

The presentation set for Burke consists of a fully printed 3-ring binder, matching tab dividers, and a unique pocket folder. Our round back binder compliments their company design especially well as many of their products use organic shapes rather than straight edges. And the architectural curve of the spine not only creates an unusual look but also fits the shape of your hand perfectly.

The die-cut circle on the front cover is an eye-catching design element in itself, but it also allows a peek onto the cover page of the binder content. A die-cut element on a binder cover can be used for various reasons: to preview a specific design on a cut sheet or the first tab of your tab dividers, or you can include a custom printed cover page to further customize your binder, for example by featuring your distribution partners.

To complete their fun binder, Burke also designed offset printed tab dividers with half-moon tab extensions. Again, the shape of the tab extensions matches their overall presentation design with die-cut circles and rounded spines. As you can see on the first tab, the purple circle was placed in alignment with the die-cut circle on the front of the binder.

The third component of this presentation set is the unique pocket folder. Just like the binder, this pocket folder shows a die-cut circle on the front. In the photo below you can see how the circle is being used to further customize the pocket folder .

For the pocket design, Burke chose a rounded box pocket with business card cuts on the left and a vertical box pocket to hold their catalog on the right. The inside of the folder is fully printed.

If you have a custom presentation project in mind, please let us know. Custom solutions are our specialty!

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