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June 6, 2022

Mix and Match: Mixed Media Boxes

Design Inspiration at LuxePack New York 2022

We’re excited to be exhibiting at LuxePack NY again this year with even more amazing product samples, design ideas, and material options for your inspiration!

If you are in the NY area, we invite you to visit booth C19 at LuxePack to experience our innovative CI RIGIDBOX™ packaging line firsthand.

Usually, the first thing people say when they touch and feel our products is wow. That’s because our unique boxes are made with a proprietary technology allowing us to create perfectly sharp 90-degree corners. In addition to this stunning feature, our boxes can be made from raw board alone, eliminating the need for any additional cover materials. This means we can create the most pristine rigid box on the market, that’s also incredibly sustainable!

But sharp corners and raw board packaging styles aren’t the only things that set the CI RIGIDBOX™ packaging line apart, and it’s not the only thing we’re bringing to LuxePack…

Mixed Media; your choice of cover materials

If raw board is not the look you’re trying to achieve for your brand, you have the option to wrap your boxes in any of our beautiful cover materials.

We’re bringing the power of mixed media boxes to LuxePack and to you!

Thanks to our parent company, LBS, there’s a plethora of different cover materials at our fingertips, including elegant cloths and eye-catching specialty papers that can mimic a variety of textures. Have you ever seen a paper that looks exactly like distressed leather? Or a woven fabric? Or metal? The beauty of our cover selection is that you don’t have to pick just one: mix & match materials to tell your brand story in the best possible way. There is so much to explore; we can’t wait to show you some of our favorites.

Here’s some of our popular cover materials (and complementing designs):

Faux leathers and other specialty papers

Nothing says luxury like leather! We offer papers that look exactly like leather (the secret is their unique construction and finishing process). Check out below how these materials look on a CI RIGIDBOX™ package; we wish you could feel the full sensory experience these papers create on our packaging line.

Other specialty papers mimic textures so distinctive, they can’t fit into any category! These specialty papers are the option to create a bold brand statement with your project. Some of our favorites are Neenah’s Corvon® Rock, which is a paper that looks and feels like real stone, inspired by urban spaces. Its sister paper, Corvon® Rust, imitates the texture of oxidized metal to create a modern, industrial look and feel.

Unique textures help your CI RIGIDBOX™ package tell a bold brand story.

Some other specialty papers remind us of marble or wood and can be used to create a package your audience won’t want to throw away! Papers with unique textures are best paired with solid-color raw board or printed papers with soft-touch lamination.

Colorful Cloths

Cloth is a great way to make a binder or package sophisticated and timeless. Our cloths foil-stamp beautifully and pair well with raw board like Royal Family Estate’s CI RIGIDBOX™ package. As you can see below, the cloth wrapped lid adds a pop of color to the Deep Black raw board and the silver foil-stamping is very clear.
Cloth is a great way to add elegance to your CI RIGIDBOX™ package.

Or take our CI book style mug box—this box highlights how different finishing techniques can play off of each other to create a powerful marketing tool. The mug box captures attention with its bright orange raw board base, and the cloth covered wrap gives the audience a tactile element to play with once the box is in their hands. Furthermore, the black UV printed logo onto black cloth creates a luxurious minimalist feel. Simply stunning!

Get Started today

Trying to combine different materials and finishing options in one project can feel a little overwhelming—that’s why we have an experienced team by your side to guide you through the process. Our wonderful sales team and our in-house designers will consult with you on the best options for your brand and application.

They look forward to working with you!

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