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March 22, 2017

Manufacturing the Strongest Binder in the World

Corporate Image offers you many things: innovation, top quality printing, manufacturing and, above all, service.

We would like to show you the steps that your binder will go on before you get a truck pulling up to your office. As a 3-ring binder manufacturer, we realize that our everyday obsession with quality and detail can be useful and interesting for you to know as you are putting together your binder project.

Step 1 – Clarify the project

You have a project idea. To get started, you would speak with one of our customer service representatives. They are true experts in printing and manufacturing and get you everything from quotes to custom mock-ups while helping you design the exact binder  you need. What are your binder options? Find out here.

Step 2 – Design of product

If you are working with an existing product, this stage may be as simple as getting a sample for reference or a template. If you need something specific or unusual for your materials, our in-house product designers will create a custom product to cover all your needs. Whether you need a custom sized binder, a unique portfolio flap, a custom box or window cuts – we will build a mock-up for you to test and send you a template for your art.

Step 3 – Pre-press

Once you send your artwork, our pre-press team leaps into action. They are checking everything from bleeds to color builds, placement of text and placement on the template. For offset printed jobs, pre-press will make a proof that you can double check before we go on press. Once we have your approved proof, your job moves into production.

Step 4 – Printing

We print our 3 ring binders to the highest quality. From color checking, paper stock and soy inks, our colors are true. Our press team is consists of seasoned professionals who work hard to to make sure your artwork looks amazing.

Step 5 – Lamination

Why laminate? Lamination protects your printed project from scratching, rubbing and rain. This means your 3 ring binder, pocket folder, sales box or sample kit lasts longer and looks better. All of our lamination options are inert and recyclable.

Step 6 – Casing and Lining

At Corporate Image, we manufacture our 3 ring binders like fine books. The binders are cased and lined on machines that we developed while our production team constantly monitor the runs to ensure the accuracy and quality of your binder.

Step 7 – Flexing and Ringing

Corporate Image makes the strongest 3 ring binders in the world by pressing the hinge of the binder directly into the board. There are no weak spots as there are when a small piece of tape or vinyl hold the covers of your binder together. Whether we are running square back or round back binders we don’t remove material from the hinge, so they are super strong binders.

Step 8 – Shipping to you

Once your binders have been flexed and rung, we pack them carefully and ship them out to you.

At Corporate Image, we believe that our attention to detail, obsession with quality and green initiatives help you to be more successful. The attention and craft we put into your binder is part of who we are.

So that is how to make a great 3-ring binder – with care, craft, innovation and a little obsession with making the best products in the world. Have we caught your attention? Work with us on your next binder project!

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