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March 14, 2022

The Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX™: It’s the Bee’s Knees

What if you had the option to package your materials in a luxury box that narrates your brand story in every panel? What if this luxurious box could be shipped and stored flat, assembled as needed, so you no longer have to ship or store air? And, what if that box was made of sustainable post-consumer waste (PCW) paperboard?

The Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX™

The innovative Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX is all that and more. These boxes, affectionately referred to as “bee boxes” here at the office (for obvious reasons) offer the unboxing experience of a lifetime! Perhaps what’s most special about them, besides their sweet design, is that every opening is an interactive tactile experience with a reward at the end—your product!

Most Americans, 83% in fact, believe that paper and cardboard packaging allow for more innovative and creative packaging designs (Source: Ipsos) so why not go the whole nine yards? The Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX encourages your audience to unbox and repackage your product. Since the custom die-cut shape holds the contents securely in place, there’s no reason to get rid of the package…not when opening it to get to the goodies inside is so satisfying every time!

83% of Americans think paper packaging is more innovative. 

So, how do these boxes actually work? Our proprietary method, which you might recognize from our binders, is that we fashion our boxes from a single piece of 100% PCW paperboard! The raw board is grooved by our production crew to create a ‘V’ shape in the board that allows the box to fold at a perfect ninety degrees. A corner that clean sets CI RIGIDBOX apart from other setup or rigid boxes on the market. Furthermore, hidden magnets below the lining allow for the box to seal shut and reopen with little to no hassle.

The last thing we at Corporate Image believe in is limiting our customers, so fear not, the CI Flat-Fold RIGIDBOX comes in two folding styles with endless customization options. After folding hundreds of our samples, I, the office bee lady, can walk you through the strengths of each box, and when to implement which style of fold.

The G-Style Fold

Starting with the G-style of the Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX, this folding style is the choice if you are looking to make a succinct yet impactful statement. The box is comprised of 5 main panels (board and panel sizes will be adjusted to fit your project) which are folded at the grooved sites into the “G” you can see below.

A big pro of the G-Style is that it’s quick and easy to open. If your product requires everyday use, the G-Style fold adds a bit of fun to opening your package without impeding the path to your product. At the end of each use, the product slides right back into place and the box easily re-seals.

As an avid buyer of products simply because they match my décor, this bee box is already decorating the area by the kettle in my kitchen for when my tea needs a drop of honey (and I wonder why they call me the bee lady…). More than six in ten Americans say they purchase paper/cardboard products so they can re-use the packaging (Source: Ipsos), clearly, I’m not alone in this. If that’s the case why not give your audience something they can use over and over? This idea also comes in handy when considering business to business relationships; there’s no better way to celebrate that acquisition or reach out to a new partner than with an eye-catching gift box.

The G-Fold promises the “wow” factor at every open.

The Z-Style Fold

Now, let’s talk the Z-Style Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX (spoiler alert: it’s all the G-fold pros and more). The Z-Style, at its core, is made from the same sustainable materials as the G-Style fold, with the same number of unlimited accessory options. The main difference is that this box folds with 7 panels instead of 5, creating the “Z” the box is named for from the panel that cuts right through the middle.

The Z-Style box stands upright and cuts a bold figure as opposed to the stackable G-style. Perhaps one of my favorite parts is how the products inside are suspended in the custom die-cut inner panel which elevates them both physically and aesthetically. The Z-Style tells a dynamic brand story in its numerous panels and can be opened from either side.

The Z-fold elevates products to the next level physically and aesthetically.

Customizing Your Package

On that note, let’s move on to customization! So, you’ve chosen your fold style—how are you actually going to design your box? To start with, we offer a variety of raw board colors. This is the pop of color that shows on the inside of your custom die-cut shapes (see images above); make sure to coordinate it with your cover materials wisely. For example, you could pair your raw paperboard in Blue Denim with Charcoal Rebel, a distressed faux leather, to give your box more cause than James Dean!

An endless number of customizations are at your fingertips.

After you’ve got your raw board color, it’s time to pick out your cover materials. We offer a full selection of cloth and specialty paper cover materials, courtesy of our parent company, LBS. Our bee box is wrapped in a fully printed Litho stock, but the world is your oyster. You could go Ulliman Schutte’s route of a fully printed box with matte soft touch lamination, maybe you want something that adds a sophisticated tactile feel like St. Andrew UMC whose package utilized an eye-catching blue cloth with silver metallic foil stamping on the lid.

Or, if you’re a fan of pushing boundaries, consider designing a sleeve for your box. Not only does it add an extra tactile element, sealing your box with a sleeve can eliminate the need for magnets altogether, making your Flat-Fold CI RIGIDBOX as sustainable as can be.

Our Commitment to You

At the end of the day, Corporate Image wants to give you and your customers a luxurious and sustainable package. As the youngest generation, Gen Z, are becoming massive consumers and business partners, sustainable packaging is more important than ever. Forbes reported in 2021 that Gen Z’ers are focused on business responsibility via sustainability. Even beyond the youngest generation, 74% of consumers report buying products packaged in paper or cardboard than in other materials because they are better for the environment (Source: Ipsos).

Our 100% employee-owned company believes in a circular economy.

Corporate Image has been dedicated to sustainable solutions since 1983, so let us help you build your brand to be as sustainable as possible.

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