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May 6, 2022

Your Guide to Holiday Packaging

We at Corporate Image believe that PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING®, and it is especially important come the gift-giving season.

Your gift to your audience is more than your product, it’s the PRESENTATION: luxurious materials and a thoughtful design will make your packaging stick with your audience.

This holiday season your audience wants a brand experience; we want to help you build that!

Thoughtful design

As you start to think about your holiday packaging, there are some important things you’ll want to consider. For one—how will you know which box style is the right fit for you?

When it comes to packaging, it’s best to design from the inside out—that is, design for the gift that’s going inside your box. According to DotCom Distribution’s 2021 study, 80% of participants reported being bothered by oversized packaging. A package that fits just right delivers a positive brand experience by showing your audience you care about the little things.

The perfect package design is not one-size-fits-all…packaging has grown to emphasize a detail-oriented approach.

Dot Com Distribution

To create the perfect package, you’ll need to craft a memorable unboxing experience. At no time is the anticipation to open a box greater than around the holidays. That means it’s time to try CI RIGIDBOX packaging styles that will take your audience’s breath away like the innovative Flat Fold CI RIGIDBOX or the award-winning Experiential 2-sided Drop Box. A magnetic Gate-Fold style box with hidden magnets is another great box design that elevates your packaging from high-end to luxury and let’s your product take the stage.

Your package’s unboxing experience should WOW for the holidays!

Your packaging doesn’t need to end at the box style alone. For special occasions like holidays, you can consider adding a custom box sleeve to add even more pizzazz. A box sleeve allows additional branding opportunities and can increase the anticipation to get to your product.

Don’t worry, our packaging experts are happy to consult with you on the best box style for your project!

Luxurious materials

Another facet of a great unboxing experience are the luxurious materials used to create the package. How does it feel in your hand—What extra tactile components make your keepsake box a delight to display?

All of our CI RIGIGBOX packages start with post-consumer waste rigid paperboard that comes in 12 colors. Our colored boards are dyed through, meaning if you cut them in half, you’ll still find a vivid color in the middle.

As you think about adding tactility to your box, consider wrapping your board with a unique cover material. Thanks to our parent company, LBS, we have a variety of beautiful cover materials on hand ranging from cloth to specialty papers that can imitate leather, wood, and other textures.

If you’re envisioning a printed design, we also offer different lamination options in order to give your box that tactile component—add finishes like Spot Gloss UV, debossing, or foil stamping to create the desired look.

Furthermore, depending on the box style you choose, you can have both raw colored board and wrapped board in the same box to create stark color and texture contrasts. Consider our award-winning Chico’s box, for example.

Chico’s needed a box as bold as their specialty statement necklaces. The CI RIGIDBOX package we designed for them promised big things to come right when you looked at it—the stark contrast between bright white and deep black created an eye-catching jewelry box that you couldn’t help but want to open. The soft touch lamination on the white lid and portions of the base contrasted against the natural smoothness of the black raw board tray culminating in an enriched tactile experience.

Finally, when it comes to securing products inside, skip the messy packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or loose paper. Instead, consider a custom die-cut paperboard insert that holds products securely in place while creating a refined look. There’s no mess, the insert can easily be recycled, and the presentation is a hundred times better!

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