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the finishing touch

Elevate the style of your design with spot UV printing or foil stamping. These finishing options can be used to enhance your graphics and make your binder stand out.

Custom binder with cloth for Haworth custom 3-ring binder with spot UV - corporate Image
Close up of foil stamping on bare board binder
Foil Stamping

Foil stamping offers an elegant way of customizing your 3-ring binder. For cloth, printed, and bare board binders, the wide range of available foils offers a look and feel as unique as your company.

Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver, to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils, because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine. Holographic foils, which add a remarkable shimmer, are also available to help enhance the look of your printed packaging. Foils with pearl effects can add an elegant, pearl-like sheen to your printed piece.

Digital Spot Gloss UV
Spot UV

Spot UV is a great way to help give your art a little extra “pop.” Applied after lamination or varnish, a contrasting spot UV picks up the light and gives a tactile feel to your binder. Using a spot UV gloss combined with matte lamination is a great way to add contrasting finishes to your project with maximum style.

Binders clip in Alta Seed binder
binder clips

When you want to hold a pad of paper in your custom binder, a clip is an easy and attractive way to do it.

Corporate Image offers a wide range of sizes and styles from which to choose. Use it with or without a ring, either way this provides a great branding opportunity.

Corner protectors for binders
Corner protectors

If you need your project to stay in great condition while being heavily used, corner protectors are your go-to detail.

Corner protectors keep the corners of your binder looking pristine and functioning great for years to come.