We make the strongest, most beautiful binders possible. Our unique construction creates a binder that will not fail at the hinge. Lab tested to 250,000 openings without failing, our Corporate Image binders are proven to stand the test of time. The appearance of your binder has an impact on your presentation or proposal in the business world and we offer quality you can actually see and feel. You don’t have to take our word for it. We were named “Best Binder in the World” in 2011 and “Best Binder in North America” in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Be inspired by our large variety of binder styles, cover options, accessories, and finishings to create exactly the binder you’ve envisioned.


Our unique construction technique creates a binder that will not fail at the hinge, which is the weakest point of most binders. The custom binders we manufacture are proven to stand the test of use and time. They have been lab tested to 250,000 openings without failing! And our binders come in a variety of different styles, all custom designed to fit your needs.

A round back binder has an architectural curve in the spine which fits the shape of your hand perfectly. The round back also creates a sophisticated look and contributes to the overall strength of the binder. Most of our binders can be designed with a round back.

· 100% post-consumer waste binders board
· Solid full board hinge for unmatched strength and durability
· Complete design flexibility
· Available in portfolio and easel binder styles
· Round spine creates visual and architectural interest
· Laminated to provide protection for your graphics and add to the durability of the binder
· Choice of gloss, matte soft touch or natural matte lamination

The square back binder combines the durability and flexibility of all Corporate Image binders with a clean look and elegant design. The square shaped spine offers a great way to emphasize your message on a shelf. The square back is available for all of our binder styles.

· 100% post-consumer waste binders board
· Solid hinge for unmatched strength and durability
· Complete design flexibility
· Square spine accommodates a finger pull
· Laminated to provide protection and adds to the durability of the binder
· Choice of gloss, soft touch or natural matte lamination
· Also available for 11×17 documents
· Styles: standard, portfolio, easel, cloth, specialty papers
· Finishes: print, foil, spot UV, varnishes, debossing

For a unique look, our portfolio binder is a great option for customizing your printed binder. Custom portfolio closures are perfect for securing your binder contents. And our easel binder makes presenting your product a breeze.

· 100% post-consumer waste binders board
· Additional portfolio style spine adds elegance
· Perfect for presenting and displaying materials
· Wide range of custom binder styles and sizes
· Unlimited design possibilities
· Portfolio style spine protects documents
· Easel binders are perfect for presenting and displaying materials as well as POP displays
· Available in round or square spines

You don’t always need a hardcover, especially when this binder-folder hybrid can tackle the job and do it with style. This light-weight paperboard binder is an economical solution to help organize your materials. Portfolio closures and a variety of pocket configurations are available to create a custom look.

· Complete design flexibility
· Full color graphics inside and out
· Lamination available to provide protection for your graphics and increase the durability of the binder
· Choice of gloss or natural matte lamination or soft touch matte
· Customize horizontal pockets with business card cuts or brochure cuts and CD/DVD slits, at no additional charge

Amazingly versatile as a sample kit, custom presentation or information tool, a ringless binder offers endless opportunities to showcase your products. See our sample binders section for more design examples.

· 100% post-consumer waste binders board
· Perfect for presenting product samples
· Personalize with full-color printing, spot colors, cloth covers and more
· Great vehicle for branding your products
· Styles: standard, portfolio, easel, tabloid, 3-fold, 4-fold and 5-fold, swing books, strap sets
· Finishes: print, foil, spot UV, varnishes, debossing, custom window cuts
· Ringless binders or sample binders are available in many styles up to 52″ wide
· If you are looking for a single panel solution to present your product, check out our sample boards

Our half-sheet binder may be small in stature but creates a big impact. Designed to hold 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ sheets, the compact binder is a unique way to deliver information that is convenient to carry. Using a custom made compact binder is a unique way to deliver information in a handy format.

· Compact size, fits easily into backpacks and computer bags
· Graphic possibilities are limitless
· Holds sheet size up to 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”
· Available in 3 ring sizes – 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″chrome round ring
· Unmatched strength and durability
· Use this compact binder as a presentation tool, an employee handbook, an information kit or a daily planner

Do you have an unusual size, shape or material in mind? We love working with creatives like you! When your project is outside of standard thinking, we can help you create the perfect custom binder. Our product designers translate your ideas into products, creating templates and initial prototypes to test your materials. From tri-fold sample binders, to custom cloth or papers, window cuts to handles, Corporate Image can help you design the best solution for your needs.

· Choose from one of our standard styles or design your own custom binder configuration
· Customize your project with unique cover materials
· Finishes: print, foil, spot UV, varnishes, debossing
· We’ll create templates that will make artwork preparation easy for you
· Create the shape that fits your needs, like a custom die-cut that allows materials to show through to the front of the binder
· Made with 100% post-consumer waste binders board 

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+ MaterialS

Explore the range of possibilities! Create beautiful graphics for printed binders, pick from a wide range of cloth options for fully or partially covered binders, incorporate the binders board into your design or combine any of these options to design exactly the right binder for your needs. Mix and match for a very unique look.

A printed 3-ring binder offers you a wide range of options using our high end offset presses. From spot colors and UV, to flawless 4 color process, our professional printing team will make sure your art and brand are taken care of. With our offset printed binders you even get another perk: The liners can be fully printed at no additional charge. The liners are the inside of your binder and provide an excellent opportunity to complete your branding or add extra information.

As you know from all the studies, touch affects image and decision making in a real and positive way. Book cloth adds that extra sophistication to your binder while foil and debossing strengthen the overall impact of your branding. Our 3-ring binders are already among the strongest in the world. Add the strength of book cloth and you can count on these binders being in great shape for decades to come. We offer more than 250 colors and have instant access to over 360,000 yards of fabric and specialty papers to help you find exactly what you need.

Corporate Image has access to papers from around the world. With our sister company, LBS, we store a huge assortment of papers and book cloth that can help you get exactly the project you need in a timely fashion. We have tested over 30 papers, from wood grain, to quilted, and many special finishes that work well on binders, folders or packaging. These all foil stamp well. If you have special textures let your salesperson know and see if we have it for you!

The natural look and feel of uncoated paper with the edges of the binder board exposed creates a unique binder.
Need a sustainable, eco-friendly binder with full color graphics? The flush cut binder is a great option for you. Used by US Fish and Wildlife and Boston Beer, flush cut binders have an open edge where the binder board shows through. This allows us to skip the lamination step while still creating a strong, beautiful binder.

Green to our core. Make a statement with an elemental binder combining great design with the ultimate in sustainability. Bare Board Binders can be foil stamped and debossed for a great, sustainable look and feel.

When you have a need for smaller quantities, our short run binders are your best choice. With our digital presses, you can be sure you are getting the best quality for quantities as low as 50 binders. NEW: We now offer digitally printed inside panels with your short run binder as an alternative to your choice of solid black or solid white liners.  

+ Closures + Handles

For your portfolio binders, Corporate Image offers different closure options, including Velcro® dots in white or black and magnets.

If your binder will be traveling with you, adding a handle may help. Corporate Image offers a binder handle that will improve the ease of use of your project. Our handles come in standard black and white.

+ Accessories

RINGS (exception is the Ring less Binder)
The right binder ring makes a difference in the form and function of your custom binder. The size of your ring determines the spine width while the intended use of the binder should determine the style of your ring.

The best indicator of which 3-ring mechanism you need is how much paper and what size paper you are putting in your binder. This will dictate the size of the ring you need. Whether you want boosters (the tabs on the end of a binder mechanism that help open and close it), will depend on aesthetics and how often the binder is being opened (boosters help keep rings from bending).

There are 2 styles of rings available: Round rings and D-rings

In a D-ring, the paper is held evenly on the right, meaning that your tab dividers all line up and there is a clean line of paper. A D-ring always mounts on the back panel of a binder – not the spine – so the paper rests on the flat part of the ring when it is closed. This makes the cover a little wider.

ROUND RING (or O-ring)
A round ring can mount on the spine of a binder, so the covers, front and back, are a little shorter. It is easy to turn pages since it is a continuous curve. The issue with seeing tab dividers toward the bottom of the stack of information is negligible in smaller rings and up to you to decide if it is an issue in large rings. A lot of people don’t see it as a problem.

The binder pocket is a type of pocket folder that can be 3-hole punched or adhered to the liner. The Corporate Image binder pocket is designed to your exact specifications with extra room to hold 25 sheets of paper easily, as well as a business card and even a brochure or DVD. For conferences, board meetings, patient information kits, or anywhere that may have loose information, a binder pocket can help keep you organized. Available in several styles or get a fully customized binder pocket.

Metal finished finger pulls make it easy to remove 3-ring binders from shelves and actually extend the life of the binder by reducing stress and wear on the top of the spine. They also are a nice design detail.

Imagine a crowded shelf (or just look behind you). When binders and books are tightly wedged onto a shelf it can be hard to get them down. A finger pull, with or without metal, allows an easier way to get what you need.

Sometimes these are called European finger pulls, as they are more common in Europe than in the United States. Adding a metal-less finger pull allows the same convenience of access and a much more easily recyclable binder.

When you want to hold a pad of paper in your custom binder, a clip is an easy and attractive way to do it. Corporate Image offers a wide range of sizes and styles from which to choose. Use it with or without a ring, either way this provides a great branding opportunity.

If you need your project to stay in great condition while being heavily used, corner protectors are your go-to detail.Corner protectors keep the corners of your binder looking pristine and functioning great for years to come. (Not available for flush cut or bare board)

+ Lamination

Unlike protective liquid finishes such as aqueous coating, varnish or UV, film lamination actually reinforces paper- extending the life and improving the performance of printed pieces. Since it’s a film, it stretches and flexes, something liquid coatings can not do.

MATTE SOFT TOUCH – Nylon Lamination
• Smooth, silky appearance – creates a refined, elegant look.
• Subtle surface texture creates a “soft touch” tactile feel.

NATURAL MATTE – Polypropylene Lamination
• Subtle appearance
• Non-reflective; minimizes color shift
• Scratch-resistant finish
• Virtually eliminates fingerprints

GLOSS – Nylon Lamination
• Clear, shiny film that enhances printing and intensifies color
• A great choice when you want a clean look and color that really stands out

Optional Linen Texture:
• Embossed textured finish minimizes fingerprints, scratching and scuffing
• A good solid choice for heavily used materials

+ Finish

Foil stamping offers an elegant way of customizing your custom boxes and packaging. The wide range of available foils offers a look and feel as unique as your company.

Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver, to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine.

Spot UV is great way to highlight and accentuate your art with a subtle contrast. Applied after lamination or varnish, a contrasting spot UV picks up the light and gives a tactile feel to your box or packaging. Using a spot UV gloss combined with matte lamination is a great way to add contrasting finishes to your project, with maximum style. 

For best results, we recommend our matte soft touch lamination, which works well with spot UV.

A debossing adds a three-dimensional element to the cover or spine of a binder. A shape will be pressed into the binders board and can be combined with foil stamping to amplify the visual effect.

Die-cut windows add dimension to any three ring binder cover. We can die-cut a window on the front cover of any of our custom binders.