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The appearance of your marketing and sales materials has an impact on how your company is perceived. Our custom binders are eye-catching, sustainable, and long-lasting, even if used very frequently. With all of our customization options, we can ensure your binder will stand out on the shelf!

Custom designs. Various styles. Unique material options.

The possibilities are truly endless and our expert team will guide you to the best options to achieve your desired functionality, look, and feel.

Sustainable 3-ring binder graphics


We make the strongest, most beautiful binders possible. Our unique construction creates a binder that will not fail at the hinge. Lab tested to 250,000 openings without failing, our Corporate Image binders are proven to stand the test of time. The appearance of your custom binder has an impact on your presentation or proposal in the business world and we offer quality you can actually see and feel. You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve been named “Best Binder in the World” and “Best Binder in North America”.

Up to 100% post-consumer waste

All our binder products begin with our 100% PCW. This 3 layer raw paperboard is constructed from post-consumer paper products that are then sorted, processed, recycled to a pulp, stretched, dried, and sheeted.

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CI pocket folder with portfolio closure
cloth covered binder with foil

fully customizable

Print options, cover material selection, decorating finishes, and accessories: We offer a full range of opportunities to customize your binders, such as finger pulls, handles, and corner protectors, as well as a wide variety of paper and cloth cover materials to achieve the branding you desire. Decorate your three ring binders with foil stamping, debossing, spot gloss UV, or custom die-cut shapes.

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Beacon Wealth Advisors chose a round back binder which has an architectural curve in the spine to fit the palm of your hand perfectly. The round back contributes to the overall strength of the binder while also adding the sophisticated look of the binder. The eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful foil stamped elements on the cover and spine.


This colorful binder by ESI Ergonomic Solutions is a square back style with a finger pull. The square spine combines the design flexibility of all of our fully printed turned-edge binders with a clean shelf presence. Adding a finger pull not only allows easy access to the binder on a shelf, but it also adds a sleek design element that makes this binder stand out.


Our custom portfolio closures are perfect for securing your binder contents. This training binder for Farmer Mac features a triangular portfolio flap with a round magnet closure. The bold design by The Design Group was recognized with a GDUSA Design award for the outstanding craftsmanship and product design.


Luxury Packaging Telescope 2-sided drop box for product
Martin Health System designed this presentation binder for their patient guide. These lightweight paperboard binders are a great solution if you do not need a hardcover binder. As a binder-folder-hybrid, our presentation binders can be customized with a variety of pocket styles to hold additional information that does not need to be placed in the binder rings.


This compact binder by NextAfter might be small in stature but creates a big impact. Designed to hold 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ sheets, the compact binder is a great way to deliver information that is convenient to carry. Half-sheet binders are available with as round or square back binders and offer just as many customizing options as the full size versions.


Sometimes a standard size binder just does not cut it. If you have an unusual paper size or are looking for a unique shape, our design team will create a style that meets your needs. Sassy needed an oblong binder with a fun portfolio closure. This custom style includes two round spines and fun artwork printed on the cover and liner.

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Marge the beauty of cloth with the branding power of print in an endless number of stunning combinations. Fig Industries chose a beautiful cloth spine wrap for their Keystone Designer binder which complements the printed cover design perfectly. The subtle foil stamping on the spine correlates with the graphics on the front. You can also combine bare board with printed or cloth spine wraps to set your binder apart.


Green to our core. Make a statement with an elemental binder combining great design with the ultimate in sustainability. Bare board binders feature rounded corners and the board can be foil stamped and debossed for a distinct look and feel. Wajskol Design & Communications lets the bare board shine. The brand name Bevel is foil stamped on the front and spine of the binder and a finger pull adds to the subtle design.


As you know from all the studies, touch affects image and decision making in a real and positive way. Book cloth adds that extra sophistication to your binder while foil and debossing strengthen the overall impact of your branding. West Elm decorated their cloth binder with foil stamping on the front and spine. Choose from a wide range of colors and textures to create a high-end textural feel for your brand.


The natural look and feel of uncoated paper with the edges of the binders board exposed creates a unique binder. For GAME Group we creates this sustainable oblong binder and their fun artwork makes it a true eye-catcher. Our flush cut binder styles allow us to skip the lamination step while still creating a strong, beautiful binder.

Printed binder

An fully printed 3-ring binder offers you full design flexibility and you even get another perk: The liners can be fully printed at no additional charge. This round back binder for BCI Burke is offset printed to achieve the popping colors that underline their brand message “play that moves you”. Design details like the die-cut circles on the cover enhance the binder even more.

Binder with uncoated paper

For brands wanting to achieve a sustainable look while utilizing the power of print, uncoated endleaf paper is a great option. Playworld Systems designed this custom binder using oatmeal endleaf paper with 1c print for their brand statement. Both the cover and liner use uncoated endleaf paper and the die-cut circle on the cover exposes the bare binders board.

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CI Round Back Binders
CI Square Back Binders
CI Presentation Binder
CI Portfolio Binder
CI Compact Binder


RINGS (exception is the Ring less Binder)
The right binder ring makes a difference in the form and function of your custom binder. The size of your ring determines the spine width while the intended use of the binder should determine the style of your ring.

The best indicator of which 3-ring mechanism you need is how much paper and what size paper you are putting in your binder. This will dictate the size of the ring you need. Whether you want boosters (the tabs on the end of a binder mechanism that help open and close it), will depend on aesthetics and how often the binder is being opened (boosters help keep rings from bending).

In a D-ring, the paper is held evenly on the right, meaning that your tab dividers all line-up and there is a clean line of paper. A D-ring always mounts on the back panel of a binder – not the spine – so the paper rests on the flat part of the ring when it is closed. This makes the cover a little wider.
ROUND RING (or O-ring)
A round ring can mount on the spine of a binder, so the covers, front and back, are a little shorter. It is easy to turn pages since it is a continuous curve. The issue with seeing tab dividers toward the bottom of the stack of information is negligible in smaller rings and up to you to decide if it is an issue in large rings. A lot of people don’t see it as a problem.
The binder pocket is a type of pocket folder that can be 3-hole punched or adhered to the liner. The Corporate Image binder pocket is designed to your exact specifications with extra room to hold 25 sheets of paper easily, as well as a business card and even a brochure or DVD. For conferences, board meetings, patient information kits, or anywhere that may have loose information, a binder pocket can help keep you organized. Available in several styles or get a fully customized binder pocket.
Metal finished finger pulls make it easy to remove 3-ring binders from shelves and actually extend the life of the binder by reducing stress and wear on the top of the spine. They also are a nice design detail.

Imagine a crowded shelf (or just look behind you). When binders and books are tightly wedged onto a shelf it can be hard to get them down. A finger pull, with or without metal, allows an easier way to get what you need.

Sometimes these are called European finger pulls, as they are more common in Europe than in the United States. Adding a metal-less finger pull allows the same convenience of access and a much more easily recyclable binder.

When you want to hold a pad of paper in your custom binder, a clip is an easy and attractive way to do it. Corporate Image offers a wide range of sizes and styles from which to choose. Use it with or without a ring, either way this provides a great branding opportunity.
If you need your project to stay in great condition while being heavily used, corner protectors are your go-to detail.Corner protectors keep the corners of your binder looking pristine and functioning great for years to come. (Not available for flush cut or bare board)

customize your branded binder

6 easy steps

We make designing your custom binder a breeze. From initial consultation over design templates to mock-ups, our team will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your experience with us is unparalleled.

size it up


Provide a few details and our team will assist you by designing the right size to fit your product or materials based on your vision.



We offer an array of binder styles to choose from to work with your contents perfectly.



Choose the best material for your binder from bare board to printed flush cut, fully printed, cloth covered or a mix of materials.



Bring your branding to life! From print finishes to die-cut shapes, we offer creative ways to set your binder apart!



Create the binder just the way you want. Accessories not only allow you to improve the usability for your needs, they also add distinct elements to your binder design.



Our design team will create a custom template for you to layout your artwork. We will then provide you a proof for your review before we move into production.

Design experts ready to bring it to life

We have over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing award-winning binders and we look forward to learning about your creative visions. We specialize in unique custom solutions.


CI RIGIDBOX book style for Neenah

Our luxury line of packaging products provide a full range of options for any of your high-end packaging needs. Take your branding to the next level with our revolutionary CI RIGIDBOX.

Comstor Outdoor pocket folder

A unique pocket folder is the perfect addition to your custom binder. We offer cohesive branding across all of our presentation materials for a professional representation of your brand.

fully printed, eco-friendly binder

Our Naked Binder line is green to the core and makes no compromise when it comes to design, durability, and recyclability.


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