Introducing Sapia™ Ocean Fabric: A Striking Cover Material Made From Recycled Plastic

Since 1983, Corporate Image has been pioneering sustainable presentation and packaging solutions. All of our binders, architectural folders, sample boards, and CI RIGIDBOX™ packaging solutions are made from post-consumer waste paperboard and we are always exploring new materials to expand our customization options for your brand.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Sapia™ Ocean Fabric, our newest cover material offering through our parent company, LBS.


Sapia™ Ocean Fabric

Sapia is a cover cloth woven with 55% ocean recycled PET and 45% PCW rPET.

1m2 of Sapia Ocean Fabric contains 5.2 PET bottles from the ocean.

To put that in your project’s perspective, we’re upcycling an average of two plastic bottles per one binder’s cover and liner. So, for a run of 10,000 binders, you’re also saving 20,000 bottles from the ocean. Nice going!


Our research and development teams worked tirelessly to make sure this new material fits Corporate Image’s exacting standards, and the results are stunning!

Sapia can be blind debossed, foil-stamped, and printed! Furthermore, it comes in six calming colors: Pebble, Beach, Sea Salt, Sky, Red Coral, and Seaweed, so it will fit right into your design as you dreamed it.



How Sapia helps your brand stand out

We’re proud to offer Sapia because we believe in sustainable packaging solutions. By incorporating Sapia Ocean Fabric into your projects, you’re sending a message to your audience that says your brand cares. In a 2021 Global Buying Green Report done by Trivium Packaging, which surveyed upward of 15,000 end consumers, 55% of participants reported considering plastic packaging “harmful” and 63% connect plastic with ocean pollution.

Sapia is the perfect opportunity to address your audience’s concerns about plastic pollution by making your project an active part of the plastic solution.



Our commitment to you

Corporate Image’s main goal is to help you build your brand. For that reason, we strive to be a partner you can trust. It’s why we ourselves have made a dedicated commitment to sustainability since 1983 by using PCW paperboard as the core of our presentation and luxury packaging materials. We offer you the materials you need to build a more sustainable brand image—materials like Sapia.

If you’d like to explore our other beautiful cover material options, check out our cloth and specialty paper collections.






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