What’s Trending In Packaging Design?

2019 Design Trends

Our creative customers have brought some of the most recent packaging design trends to life! Take a look at these beautiful presentation packaging projects to get new ideas for your next binder, folder, or specialty packaging design.

The Power Of White Space

Designing with plenty of white is not about leaving empty space, it is actually a powerful color to deliver a clear message. Large areas of white spaces bring a sense of sophistication and luxury while allowing other design elements to shine even brighter. Expanding on white space is a trend well known from web design (just look at the websites of Apple or Google, for example), but it is also a great tool to create a crisp and clean design for print:

White space design trend

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Evoke Emotions With Photography

The ability to convey emotion is one of the many great traits of photography. Graphic designers can take advantage of the strengths of photographs by incorporating images into their packaging artwork. Let the photo speak for itself or integrate it into your design – either option evokes emotion and creates an even more special packaging experience. See for yourself:

Photography in Graphic Design

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Sustainable To The Core

With the growing demand for sustainable products comes a need for sustainable packaging as well. True sustainable solutions not only appeal to an eco-conscious audience – they are beautiful, strong, well designed products that speak to broad markets. These design examples show that you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability:

Sustainable design examples

Our Corporate Image products are all paper-based. For example, our binders board is made from 100% post-consumer waste consisting of newsprint, clean office waste, and magazines. Our binders are also fully recyclable! Please don’t hesitate to request a quote if something catches your eye!

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Luxurious Finishings

Another trend we’ve noticed is the well thought-out selection of print finishes to create a truly luxurious look. Foil stamping and UV highlights are a great way to elevate the style of your binder, folder, or specialty packaging. Combining these embellishments with a sophisticated print design results in eye-catching presentation products like the examples below:

Luxurious finishing options


Impact With Mixed Materials

To set their packaging apart from the competition, designers create the most amazing graphics, use custom shapes and styles, and select unique materials to establish a signature look and feel. Whether they use specialty papers, cloths, or a combination of print and cover material, the results are stunning:

Use of custom materials

To view our wide selection of cover materials, please visit our parent company LBS and use their online color guide to find your perfect shade!

Found the inspiration you were looking for? Or do you need more ideas? We’re happy to send samples so you can experience our quality and decide what type of product works best for your packaging needs. Just let us know!

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