Project Spotlight: Organized Binder

When the team from Organized Binder needed a new 3-ring binder to house their classroom programs, they wanted a binder that was extremely durable and eco-friendly. Corporate Image was more than happy to partner with Organized Binder to bring their vision to life!

Organized Binder short run

Product Features:

  • 11-1/16” wide x 11-5/8” high square back binder
  • 1-3/4” square spine
  • 1” D-ring
  • 2c offset printed
  • Natural matte lamination

Corporate Image, together with our parent company LBS, has always had a deep interest in helping children receive the best education possible – this interest is rooted in our almost 100-year-old bookbinding heritage. We love books and we love to encourage people of all ages to read. When we learned about Organized Binder’s mission to help create a successful learning environment for students, we were especially excited to produce their heavy-duty 3-ring binders for them.

Our presentation packaging solutions have always been eco-friendly. The core of every Corporate Image binder, architectural folder and sample board is made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled materials. And the best part about our solid piece binders board and the unique structural design of our 3-ring binders is the durability. The hinge of the binder is pressed directly into the board, eliminating the weak spots along the spine. In fact, our binders have been tested by an independent lab to open and close 250,000 times without failing at the hinge – so they are ideal for heavy uses such as in a classroom.

After receiving samples of our work, Organized Binder was excited to find the quality and sustainability they had been looking for. Once we had determined the style and size of binder to best meet their needs, we created a mock-up and a custom template to assist with the layout of their artwork. The result – they can offer their materials in a binder that matches the strength and longevity of their education concept!

Find out more about Organized Binder and their approach to better education:

Organized Binder is a universal Education Success Platform with a primary mission to help students develop the skills and habits needed for success. Additionally, Organized Binder provides classroom educators with a consistent classroom protocol that encourages best practices and offers a structure for their daily and unit plans ultimately creating predictable learning environments for all students.

  • Improves executive functioning skills in students through daily exposure to goal setting, metacognition and reflective learning, time and task management, study strategies, organizational skills, and more
  • Engages all students, even those struggling with the content of a course
  • Creates predictable routines in the classroom to promote student regulation (self-regulated learning)
  • Is an evidence-based MTSS/ RTI2 Tier 1 universal level solution
  • Is an integral component for ensuring Least Restrictive Environments
  • Gives daily practice with language and literacy

Visit the impact tab at to read testimonials, see data and case studies. Organized Binder is implemented by the teacher through parallel-process with students, helping them create powerful but grounded learning environments (watch this short video submitted from a teacher to learn more). Schools adopting Organized Binder have made gains of over 100 API points, been recognized with Awards, and have earned the highest possible accreditation scores.

It was an honor to produce these binders for Organized Binder. We wish them continued success with this program. If you have a project that Corporate Image can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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