Printed Liners for Short Runs

Make good use of your creative space!


Digitally Printed Liner

When designing graphics for a custom 3-ring binder, the outside cover gets a lot of attention. This is the part that people see when the binder sits on a shelf or when it is closed on a desk. However, when you actually work with a binder, the outside usually lies flat on a desk or table while the inside liner is visible. Chances are, the liner will get a lot more attention than you had initially thought!

Our offset printed binders have always allowed you to create artwork for the inside liner while our short run solution offered a choice between a solid black or a solid white liner. Corporate Image can now also print your graphics on the inside panels of the liner.

Nickelodeon binder liner

The area around the hinges and the spine stay white, but you have full customizing abilities for the front and back inside panels to present your messaging or to flood with a color of your choice.

Talk to one of our sales representatives about best practices when designing a digitally printed 3-ring binder. We’re happy to help!

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