For A Powerful First Impression

Stand out with a powerful 1st impression

Packaging is your customers’ first contact with your brand – whether they discover it on a shelf or have it delivered to their door step. Let your design speak for itself and get your audience’s attention with a sophisticated, professional look that represents your branding and provides the ultimate brand experience.

When choosing the best box style for your product, there are a few factors you’d want to consider. Some of these factors are rather practical, for example the weight your packaging needs to hold as well as the budget you have in mind. For example, a heavier item is best placed in a corrugated box while lighter products can easily be packaged in a paperboard box. For a higher end look, you also have the option of creating a set-up box or turned-edge style box.

Armstrong drawer corrugate box HomeWorks paperboard box KitchenAid setup box

Once you’ve made a decision on the type of packaging you need and want, you should determine the best way to brand it. In order to fully brand your box, you can choose a printed box and design your artwork all around your box. For a more subtle, but elegant way to brand you can also consider working with foil stamping. If you are looking to create a tactile experience for your customers, you might be interested in different cover material options, like cloth, to wrap around your box. The cloth can then also be foil stamped to carry your branding.

Wallprotex printed box 252 East 57 Herman Miller cloth box

To figure out which packaging solution works best for your project or to discuss production details like print finishes, please contact your sales representative. We’re always happy to consult with you on your ideas!

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