Black Is The New Black!

Triple black corrugate box for 252 East 57

Triple Black Corrugate

New innovations in corrugate color allow packaging designers to incorporate the raw material into their design. Triple black corrugate is black all the way through and decorates beautifully with foil stamping, like the silver foil used in this elegant design example.

Pocket folder for Schell Brothers

Black Print

Even if you start your project on white paper, flooding it with a solid black is no problem for a good printer. These pocket folders are printed 1c, double hit, to achieve the deep richness of black we see in the photo. Printing your black allows for endless design opportunities. You can include graphics on a black background or you can let the black stand on its own and decorate with different foil colors.

Cloth binder with portfolio magnet closure3 ring binder with portfolio closure in cloth

Black Cover Materials

Our parent company LBS is the largest distributor for cover materials in the U.S. With over 60 collections of cloths, papers and leathers, they offer the right material for every packaging need. You can see the various shades of black in their online color guide. Or you can check out their black designer line featuring their most popular textures in rich, bold blacks for additional inspiration. Or you can find examples of cloth binders on our Corporate Image website.

If you’d like to see the quality of our print or corrugate materials or get a feel for our cloth options for your next box or binder project, don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep!

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