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A kraft look is the design trend for the environmentally conscious. Its natural appeal is often associated with handcrafted goods and eco-friendly, organic products. We have created a variety of 3-ring binders either as bare board solutions or covered in specialty endleaf paper to achieve the desired look. For boxes we recommend incorporating the kraft corrugate into your design, choosing direct print in selected areas to brand your product.

Bare board binders – foil stamping and debossing options

Round back and square back binders raw bare board

Our bare board binders are unique because they are made from 100% post-consumer waste consisting of newsprint, clean office waste and magazines. The waste paper is pulped and made into board layers and adhered together to produce the desired thickness. Corporate Image binders board is super strong giving you an incredibly long lasting binder.  The corners of this binder style are rounded to increase the durability. Bare Board Binders can be foil stamped and debossed for a great, sustainable look and feel.

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Flush cut binders – printable

If you like the look of the bare board binders but would still like to be able to print a custom design, uncoated papers like Oatmeal Endleaf are a great option. The paper gets adhered  to the recycled binders board in our flush cut style. The edges of the binders board are exposed for a unique, eco-friendly look. The corners are rounded in this binder style for additional durability.

Flush Cut binder for Matter Made




Corrugated boxes – direct print 

Kraft corrugate is one of the Valium Prescriptions Online we offer for our boxes. Instead of using a litho wrap to fully cover your box, you can decide to incorporate the color and texture of the raw material into your design and print directly onto the corrugate. This option is available for a variety of box styles.

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Did you find some inspiration for your next project? Don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas and questions or if you’d like to see samples. Always happy to help!

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