How to add impact to your short run presentation packaging


Add impact to your printed marketing with digital spot gloss UV, digital foil stamping and 3D embossing effects. These new digital finishing options allow even small runs of your presentation packaging ideas to create a big impression!

Digital foil – gold metallic

Make a lasting impression by incorporating gold foil into your artwork. The metal-like shimmer of the foil catches your eye and the luxurious golden color elevates the design of your project!

Digital foil – silver metallic

The cool elegance of silver foil is a beautiful design highlight. Metallic foils are reflective and add a brilliant shine to your binder, folder or box project!

Finishing options overview

Digital spot gloss UV

Spot gloss UV adds a transparent, lustrous shine that makes your design pop. Applied after lamination or varnish, spot gloss UV adds an exciting and unexpected design element!

Raised spot UV / digital embossing

Create a dimensional wow-effect on your printed piece with raised spot UV. This tactile finishing option draws extra attention not only to your eyes but also to your fingertips!


In addition to the new digital finishing options, we included a mechanical debossing effect to show you the depth and impact this creates for your presentation project. Debossing allows you to create a multi-dimensional design for a unique tactile experience!

But enough talk about these amazing effects – if you want to get a true feeling for their impact, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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