New Year’s Resolution: Greener Marketing Materials


Most of the PVC produced in North America goes into the landfill or worse, gets incinerated. On the other hand, Corporate Image binders are 100% recyclable and are produced with 100% recycled binders board. Learn more »


We constantly develop new sustainable solutions, like our glueless pocket folders. These unique folders offer several benefits: saving energy and materials in manufacturing, less packaging and space, and reducing shipping and storage costs. Plus, all of our products are locally manufactured in the USA.


Vinyl binders fall apart. The hinges are weak and affected by both heat and cold. This means you replace them very frequently. A well made binder – like ours – has been tested to 250,000 openings so the cover won’t fall off even if you use it ​20 times a day every day for 34 years.

Don’t just take our word for it, request a complimentary sample to see and feel our quality firsthand!

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