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With the holidays fast approaching, Santa is up to his twinkling eyeballs in present making, list taking and cookie baking. As if ensuring the happiness of children all over the world weren’t enough, he’s also responsible for bringing the workshop up to OSHA standards (Organization for Swell Holidays in the Arctic). Now, in addition to deciding what to get Mrs. Claus for Christmas, he has to decide flooring, fabrics and fixtures. He’s got a lot on his plate, and we’re not talking about cookies.

If you were the official architect of the North Pole, and you were tasked with showcasing a wide range of options to a very busy client, would you want your samples to look like they came from the Isle of Misfit Toys? Let’s ho-ho-hope not! Because when it comes to displaying materials to their best advantage, presentation is everything.®

Corporate Image sample presentation products, like multi-panel architectural folders, lightweight sample folders, rigid sample boards or versatile strap sets, would make perfect sample kits for wood, stone, tiles and more! Amazingly versatile, extremely durable and completely customizable, our binders, folders and boxes offer endless opportunities to present your products. What’s more, our 100 percent post-consumer waste binders boards and recyclable components will definitely get you on the nice list.

Architectural folders allow you to display up to five panels of samples, finishes or color swatches. Not only are they designed to your precise specifications, they’re built to last. They’ve been tested to open and close more times than Santa’s mailbox, so your heavy sample folders will look and work great for as long as you need them. A cloth cover in red or green would certainly be festive, but with more than 240 colors to choose from, how will you decide? Perhaps a printed cover with gloss, matte or soft-touch lamination would be better — they’re water resistant (a must-have in the snowy North) and offer full design flexibility to represent your brand.

Sample folders are a good alternative to the architectural folder. Lightweight yet durable, they’re ideal for displaying thinner materials, like fabrics or foam. Custom formats, from single panels up to four panels, allow you to create a magical sample display that meets your specific needs.

Corporate Image sample boards are a great solution for large samples; available in sizes up to 880 square inches, they lie flat to save space and can be personalized with your artwork. They’re either turned edge or flush-cut with an open edge to create a unique look and come with an optional die-cut handle for easy carrying or a hole for hanging in a showroom.

Simonton Windows box with handleIdeal for holding samples for flooring or wall covering samples, our beautifully designed boxes offer more strength and protection for your materials. With potential for full-color graphics inside and out, they can be offset or direct printed. Plus, lamination options are available to protect your graphics and increase durability.

To wrap up your ringless binder or corrugate box with a neat little bow, elegant spot UV and foil stamping are great choices to add contrast, draw attention and make the season bright! Plus, optional handles and closures make our sample kits easier to transport sleigh ride after sleigh ride. From Velcro dots and magnets to turnbuckle and snap-style closures, you can be sure your products are secure. And our handle options will improve the look, feel and ease of use of your project.

So, whether Santa chooses timeless gingerbread trim or classic candy-striped wallpaper, he’ll appreciate samples displayed in an organized, functional, aesthetically pleasing way. After all, he knows a thing or two about beautiful presentation.

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