Marie Antoinette Presentation is Everything

Beautifully designed with performance in mind

Marie SketchesWhen Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI at the age of 14, her passion for fashion swept through Versailles and established France as the couture capital of the world — an honor that remains to this day. The young queen indulged in quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and fine details to make her ensembles as unique as she was. One could say she was a sharp dresser.

Marie Antoinette’s dressmaker — a talented entrepreneur named Marie-Jean Rose Bertin — became the world’s first celebrity fashion designer. Every morning, Marie Antoinette would choose her gown from a book of swatches and samples. Do you think, if Rose Bertin were outfitting Marie Antoinette today, she would present her luxury silks and satins in a bargain binder? Mais non! When it comes to creating a sensational brand experience, presentation is everything.®

Marie Antoinette Portfolio Binder

A true trendsetter, Rose Bertin would be proud to showcase her work in Corporate Image portfolio binders. Incredibly chic and completely customizable, these designer binders are perfect for presenting an array of high-end materials. They’re available in a wide range of styles and sizes (much like Marie Antoinette’s signature hair pouf), and feature round or square FlexHinge spines for extra strength and resilience. After all, a monarch on the brink of a coup d’état is going to need a stiff spine!

As for the cover, what would be more fitting than fabric? A cloth binder adds sophistication to any presentation and contributes to the brand experience. Tactile qualities have been known to impact decision-making, so finding just the right textile is essential. Corporate Image and our parent company, LBS, have more than 360,000 yards of cloth of all types, textures and colors. And our turned-edge finish pulls the fabric over the binder board tightly — tighter than a corset — for a polished look and exceptional durability.Marie Antoinette Binder Gloss

Now, for a little sparkle, foil stamping would be just the thing. Brilliant, eye-catching and elegant, foil stamping is a spectacular way to elevate design. Perhaps Rose Bertin would include a fleur de lis in shimmering holographic foil or pearlescent foil. Or maybe she would choose a classic gold or silver foil to complement Marie Antoinette’s crown jewels. Of course, a matte foil would lend a certain…je ne sais quoi to the finished product.

As every courtier knows, no majestic ensemble can be complete without copious quantities of frills and frippery. Custom tab dividers would be necessary for organizing ruffles, bows, lace and so forth. And for a queen who likely changed her mind as often as she changed her stockings, Rose Bertin would definitely be required to take detailed notes, which would be a piece of cake with our integrated binder clip and notebook.

Perhaps, as a member of royalty infamous for excessive consumption and frivolity, Marie Antoinette would eschew the sustainable characteristics that make our professional binders special. Then again, with their unparalleled style and elegance, one would never know our custom three-ring binders are made from 100 percent post-consumer waste binder board and recyclable components.

Indeed, we celebrate good environmental stewardship as well as good customer service. If you, like Rose Bertin, are in the business of premium products created by talented artisans, we’re here to listen to your needs, determine the best solution for your project and produce beautifully crafted, custom made binders in a timely fashion. Consider Corporate Image your loyal subject, and count on us to flawlessly execute your project from start to finish.

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