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LBS Designer Line – 2018 Fall Collection

How do you make your binder, folder or box project stand out? Well, there is a myriad of options to set yourself apart from the competition. Inspiring print designs are one way, unique cover materials are another.  At Corporate Image, we have the benefit of working with one of the largest cover material suppliers in the U.S. – our parent company LBS. The packaging experts from LBS recently launched their 2018 Fall Designer Line: the top cover materials and colors for the season hand-selected to spark new ideas.

Anaha Ward binder and box

You can find more great design examples of cloth covered binders, binders with a spine wrap or cloth covered boxes in our gallery or learn more about cloth binders, turned-edge boxes or mixed material binders on our website!

But now, let’s take a look at the stunning 2018 Fall Collection of the LBS Designer Line. The selected materials decorate beautifully with foil stamping, too.

Rustic – A cozy look through saturated colors


The warmth and earthiness of these naturally beautiful colors capture the typical comfort of a rustic design. Pellana Light Brown, Marano Reddish Brown, and TexMex Spice make it easy to connect your packaging project with nature’s soothing aesthetics.

Pellana: available in 19 informal colors.
Marano: available in 23 saturated colors.
TexMex: available in 21 variegated colors.

Urban – Sophisticated colors with an attitude

The colors in this palette reflect an urban lifestyle with vibrant tones and neutral greys. Kashmir Lime, Pellana Blue Grey, and Tango Navy are ideal for youthful and creative packaging solutions that make a statement.

Kashmir: available in 16 brilliant colors.
Pellana: available in 19 informal colors.
Tango: available in 13 soft colors.

Airy – Soothing colors create endless opportunities

This breathtaking combination of Forest Navy, Kashmir Light Brown, and Saffiano Rhubarb is inspired by the early morning view from the highest mountains. The mix of light and dark colors resembles the liveliness one feels when reaching new spheres — whether they’d be personal or in design.

Forest: available in 12 warm colors.
Kashmir: available in 16 brilliant colors.
Saffiano: available in 15 warm colors.

Earthy – Colors derived from natural wood and soil

Earthy shades are typically muted, organic hues with an instant association to the outdoors. Pellana Dark Brown, Nomad Brown, and Saffiano Mocha create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. These rich colors are ideal for timeless packaging projects.

Pellana: available in 19 informal colors.
Nomad: available in 19 tropical colors.
Saffiano: available in 15 warn colors.

Light – Pure, innocent, modern colors

The combination of Beaudiva White, Kashmir Light Grey and Tango Silver is on the light end of the color scheme. As packaging colors they represent cleanliness, elegance and simplicity. The unique textures of these beautiful materials create a compelling contrast to the innocence of the light colors.

Beaudiva: available in 2 rich colors.
Kashmir: available in 16 brilliant colors.
Tango: available in 13 soft colors.

Dark – The color black in all its variations

Black is the darkest of all colors, achromatic and eternal. Our Advantage 9 Black, Algora Black, and Diamond Black demonstrate the versatility of darkness. This dark color scheme is a favorite for luxury packaging and experimental designs that play with black’s secretiveness.

Advantage 9: available in 8 colors.
Algora: available in 8 rich colors.
Diamond: available in 15 chic colors.

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Please contact us to learn more about our various cover material options for your next presentation packaging project. We look forward to working with you!

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