FlexHinge Binders – Why we do what we do

A look back in time

The flexhinge binder was developed and refined over a ten-year period with the ultimate goal of producing a stronger binding system to replace the traditional heat-sealed vinyl binder. The 3-ring binder has been widely underrated because of design limitations. With our flexhinge binder system, we were able to open up new design possibilities and customizing options.

Binder examples

The structural design

Made like a fine book, the flexhinge binder’s structure starts with a continuous piece of extremely smooth and durable book binders board. The board is manufactured to a precise density so that it can be formed into a hinge.  For our round back binder, a series of hinges are pressed into the board using a computer controlled machine. The result is a hinge system that is as strong as the original board and will not crack, split or break. The spine follows the shape of the ring and the curve of the hand – form follows function.

Best binder in the World for Artisan Cancer Center

Versatility and design options

The flexhinge binder system elevates the 3-ring binder to a new level, opening up a world of design possibilities. Covers and liners can be offset or digitally printed, allowing total creative freedom. After printing, a film lamination is applied, not only for the ultimate in durability and protection, but also to enhance printing, intensify color and add a tactile feel to your project. Or you can add finishing options like spot gloss UV, foil stamping or debossing to really make your artwork pop.


And covering the flexhinge binder is not limited to printed sheets. You may also choose from a wide variety of rich bookbinding fabrics that decorate beautifully with foil stamping or debossing.

The Story of you Orchidee

The versatility of the flexhinge binder system allows us to build custom binder styles and sizes, from small compact binders to portfolio or easel binders to impressive 5-panel architectural folders.

Portfolio binder and compact binder set for Munsell

Consult with your presentation experts today to create the custom flexhinge binder that is perfect for your needs!

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