Five Reasons Not To Use Vinyl

There are many reasons Corporate Image chooses NOT to use Vinyl (PVC) in the manufacturing of sustainable presentation materials. We pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly binders, pocket folders, and other sustainable presentation packaging for all your needs – good for both you and the environment!

1. Production of PVC creates dangerous chemicals

Dioxins, one of the most potent human carcinogens, is produced at many points during the process of making PVC. Ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride are also unavoidably created in the production of PVC. Both of these chemicals have documented health risks. They can cause severe health problems, including cancer, endocrine disruption, endometriosis, neurological damage, birth defects, and reproductive and immune system damage.

The use of PVC exposes you to toxic chemicals. Various additives such as plasticizers or heavy metals are used to stabilize PVC. These can be lead, cadmium, and organotins (to keep the plastic from breaking down rapidly) and phthalate plasticizers (to make it more flexible). All of these components leach “out gas” from the plastic over time. PVC additives contribute to health risks, including asthma, lead poisoning, and increased cancer risk.

Children are at a higher risk from exposure to PVCs. The Center for Health and Environmental Justice states, “Children are not “little adults” – their developing brains and bodies, their metabolism and behaviors make them uniquely vulnerable to harm from toxic chemicals such as those released by the PVC life cycle. For their weight, children eat, drink and breathe more than adults – so pound for pound they take in a greater quantity of toxic contaminants.”

2. Vinyl cannot be recycled

Only one quarter of one percent of the total annual production of PVC is recycled. Most of what gets recycled comes from pre-consumer production scrap rather than post-consumer recycling. Vinyl is not accepted at most recycling programs because it has the potential to contaminate other plastics such as PET. One piece of scrap PVC can render 50,000 bottles of PET unrecyclable. Therefore, most of the PVC produced in North America goes into the landfill or worse, get incinerated. On the other hand, Corporate Image binders are 100% recyclable and are produced with 100% recycled binders board.

3. When vinyl burns, it produces dioxins

According to the United States Fire Administration, each year in the United States an average of 8,400 dump and landfill fires are reported to the fire service. The largest source of dioxins to the atmosphere are landfill fires where PVC burns.

4. There are very good alternatives to PVC

Corporate Image makes a very durable and eco-friendly 3-ring binder alternative with a range of environmental considerations. For example, our bare board or flush-cut binders are rated the most sustainable binder options because they are 100% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer waste board. They have been tested by an independent lab to 250,000 flexes without showing any sign of wear or tear. Our unique production technique presses the hinges directly into the board, eliminating any weak spots that occur around the spine with other materials or binder constructions. And our binders offer a wide range of customizing options.

Learn more about the eco-friendliness of our products here.

5. You are in good company

The urgency to reduce the use of plastics is increasing. Earth Day 2018 was dedicated to ending plastic pollution, the European Union plans to ban plastic straws, cutlery and plates, and states like Hawaii and California have a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at large retail stores. So you will be in good company when reducing your use of plastic products – including plastics like PVC in your office materials. Check out our beautiful and recyclable binder options in our gallery.

Please reach out to your sales rep for more information on our custom binders, tabs, boxes, and pocket folders. We are happy to help.

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