Closure Options For Your Custom Box Project

At Corporate Image we offer a variety of different closure styles. We want to make sure you know what is available… let’s take a look at some examples!

Tuck lock – think “pizza style” box

custom corrugate sample kit with handle - corporate images     custom corrugate box and printed binders     

This clever system works with a flap that tucks into the sides of the box. There is no additional component required to keep the lid in place.

Drawers – like a large match box

Armstrong Box with 3 drawers open     Custom box for Vorago Technologies     Spot Gloss UV on box for Q2

With this style of box the tray slides in and out of the housing. Opposed to the tuck lock style, the two parts of the box fully separate but don’t require a closure mechanism.

Turnbuckle, Snap Style, Latch – classic briefcase closures

Corrugated box with handle for Allsteel           Closure options for our boxes

These closure mechanisms are a great add-on to your box project. They are functional and can easily be integrated into your design!

Magnets – discreet closure 

Corrugated box with samples and business card pocket                     

Magnets come in round or rectangular shapes and can be hidden to create a sleek look.

Velcro® – A popular all-rounder 

custom corrugated packaging - corporate image      

Velcro® dots are available in black or white. They are an efficient solution for a variety of box styles.

Telescope lid – two-piece detachable box   

custom setup boxes - corporate image       

Similar to the drawer style, this two-piece box does not require a closure mechanism. The lid is designed fit securely on the bottom of the box.


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