Expert Design For Extraordinary Products

Corporate Image can produce exceptional binders, pocket folders and presentation packaging that will impress your clients, business associates as well as your staff. But if you really want to impact your audience, employ a creative and competent graphic design firm to render your art files.

Corrugated box for Wall Protex

Since it wouldn’t be prudent to show examples of average projects we’ve produced (after all, we appreciate all of our customers and the opportunities they give us to hone our craft), suffice it to say that we’ve seen it all here. And really, most of the art files we receive are pretty darn good. But some of them could have used improvement. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not every single graphic element used has to personally speak to each and every one of us. What we want to say is that a professional graphic designer will know how to get your audience’s attention, how to convey your message and how to create artwork that makes your printed piece pop.

So, while delegating design work to your very capable office manager or your best buddy Bert seems easy and cheap, you know the old adage…you get what you pay for. Just because an employee or friend says they can help you out, it doesn’t mean they should if they don’t have the skills and creative mind it takes to produce great design.

You made a wise investment to print your presentation materials with Corporate Image, so consider hiring a professional designer to develop a look that will make a lasting impression. You’ll be glad you did.

See below for some of our recent outstanding projects. They just might inspire you!

Oblong custom binder for Freeman    Pocket folder for x-riteSales box for LBS