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In the ever-changing media landscape of both printed and digital content, the classic 3-ring binder has adapted to new challenges. While binders were traditionally viewed as a container for information, their role has become much more versatile. 3-ring binders are available in countless unique styles and sizes and made of different materials. Sometimes, they even eliminate their name-giving binder rings. All these changes have turned binders into a valuable tool for marketing and sales departments all across the country.

Binders are now more sustainable than ever – especially binders from Corporate Image that are made from 100% post-consumer waste board. Plus they last longer thanks to their unique manufacturing process which presses the hinge directly into the board, avoiding any weak spots. The binders were tested by an independent laboratory and have shown no sign of wear even after 250,000 openings.

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But let’s take a look at the binder rings we mentioned earlier. The article talks about 2 different aspects of rings. First, how standard ring systems can accommodate unusual paper sizes and second, why some binders don’t have any rings at all.

1) While binders can be manufactured in almost any size, the ring system that holds the loose leaf collection inside the binder is based off of standard paper sizes (either 8-1/2 x 11″ for full sheets or 5-1/2 x 8-1/2″ for half sheets). “This poses a problem when incorporating unique paper and binder sizes. If the paper size is larger than normal, binders can be made to accommodate that size by choosing a ring that does not have boosters, which would normally interfere with the larger sheet.” (Source: PostPress Magazine February/March 2018, Brittany Willes quoting Michael James, VP at Corporate Image). Boosters are the tabs on the end of a binder mechanism that help open and close it. Whether you want them for your binder project will depend on paper size, aesthetics, and how often the binder is being opened as boosters help keep rings from bending.

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2) Binders without rings, or ringless binders, are compact sales tools for showcasing product samples. These architectural folders usually do not include rings to hold the contents but instead have product samples adhered to the inside. Sample binders, again, come in custom sizes from 2 to 5 panels, depending on the number, thickness and weight of samples to be displayed. Architectural folders are especially relevant in the contract industry, for building products or flooring and furniture companies, and companies that like to present different colors of finishing options in a compact way. The advantage of a tool like this over a digital display of images? Your customers can touch it!

You can read the full article online in the digital issue of PostPress Magazine.

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