Buy Valium In Australia, Buy Diazepam 2Mg

Buy Valium In Australia, Buy Diazepam 2Mg

1. Style – round or square back binder?

A square back binder offers a more traditional look, while a round spine is eye-catching and functional. Round spines fit the user’s hand easily, take up less shelf space and are visually distinctive, especially important when your binder is shelved with those from competitors. Square spines however offer additional options like finger pulls.

Round back and square back binders raw bare board

2. Format – standard or custom?

Standard sized binders in the U.S. hold 8-1/2″ x 11″ materials including standard tab dividers. Binders can be designed to accommodate custom sized materials or half-sheets like our compact binders. Custom binders are also available as a portfolio or easel binder.

3. Cover and liner material options

Our binders can be offset or digitally printed, depending on your quantity, and laminated. On our offset press, covers and liners are printed on the same press sheet, so there is no additional charge for printing the inside liner. Binders can also be covered in a variety of fabrics (see our cloth binders for design ideas) or use both cloth and printed parts, like our mixed material binders. Cloth binders can be foil stamped or debossed for customization.

              cloth covered custom binders - Corporate Image            


4. Printed binder finishes

Printed binders are laminated with your choice of gloss, matte, or soft touch lamination. A textured linen finish is available as well. Lamination not only protects the binder, it also enhances colors and graphics. Our bare board and flush cut binders are not laminated.

5. Ring size and style

Corporate Image binder size is determined by the ring size – not the width of the spine. If you know roughly how many pages your binder will hold, you can determine the ring size using this capacity chart:

Binder ring size chart

D-rings hold more pages and allow paper to lie flat – an important consideration when working with large binders. With our square back binders, we can mount round rings to either the spine or the back cover, next to the spine. D-rings are always mounted to the back cover. With our round back binders, all rings will be mounted to the back cover. Custom ring sizes, styles and colors may be available upon request, but require extra production time and are subject to manufacturer’s availability.

6. Printing specification and finishing options

We can offset print your design in CMYK or with spot colors (PMS colors). You can also enhance certain areas of your binder with spot gloss UV coating or choose foil stamping to make your design stand out.

Portfolio binder with Spot Gloss UV for Tucker

7. Artwork preparation

Based on your specifications for style, format and size, we will create a template for your project. We will email you a template with instruction on how to layout your artwork on it. The template is a non-printing layer in your design program. You simply place the template, get creative, then send us your files. We will send you a proof for your approval before proceeding to press.

And that is it. You are all set and can sit back while we print, manufacture and ship your binders out.

If you want to see one of our high quality binders, we’ll be happy to send a complimentary sample out your way! Or you can browse our Buy Thai Valium Online to spark some design ideas.

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