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Attract customers, make the visit memorable, send them home with samples!

Custom printed materials can help make a big impression at your industry trade show: print draws attention to your booth, it engages the visitors during the show, and printed give-aways can be taken home after the show ends.

NeoCon or The International Surface Event are a fantastic opportunity to launch new product lines, show different finishes or color options and to give your booth visitors a hands-on feel of your product quality. But booth space is limited. So you need a smart, space-saving solution to store your samples and have them easily accessible at the same time. Custom printed corrugate boxes and architectural folders are two compact sales tools ideal for trade show exhibitors.

custom corrugated sample kits for building supplies Corrugated box for Wall Protex corrugate contract industry sample case - Corporate Image

Printed corrugate is a great way to brand your sample presentation. Having your product samples in a box makes transporting them easy and ensures your booth space is tidy and used efficiently.

Architecural folder with samples for Owens Flooring   Architectural folders for american glass mosaic     Sample binder Las Vegas Rock

Architectural folders are basically multi-panel ringless binders with product samples adhered to the inside. They can sit on a shelf like classic 3-ring binders and once opened and unfolded, they lay flat on a table and show your samples with names or item numbers printed on the panel to identify your color or finish.

Apart from showcasing your samples, it can be useful to have additional product information and spec sheets on hand. While some exhibitors choose to pull this up on a computer screen  or tablet, others prefer to have print outs for their visitors, allowing them to take notes and possibly keep when they leave your booth. These print pieces are best kept in a custom printed or cloth covered 3-ring binder as a resource tool for your booth staff.

   custom printed contract industry binders - Corporate image  custom printed portfolio binder with closure - Corporate Image

On top of that, if you exhibit office furniture, 3-ring binders are great accessories to decorate your booth. They also show off your knowledge – what better represents well organized information than a wall filled with branded binders?

So far we’ve covered how print can help you during the show, with efficient use of space in your booth and additional branding opportunities. Another important part is what the attendees take home with them. Remember, trade shows can be overwhelming and it is hard to keep track of all the things you saw and heard when you walked the floors. So as a visitor it is fantastic to take information home to share with colleagues and supervisors. Some exhibitors are all about fun give-aways. Others provide brochures, spec sheets or USB drives with product related information. If you have a variety of different print items, you should consider offering a custom pocket folder to help organize the information. Remember, you will most likely not be the only exhibitor to hand out brochures.


A pocket folder is designed to your specifications and can have one or two pockets, vertical or horizontal, business card cuts (make sure you bring enough business cards to the show!), and specialty pockets to hold CDs or USB thumb drives.

Corporate Image is here to help, so please reach out with any questions you might have. Or take a look at Buy Thai Valium Online for your next industry trade show.

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