Top 10 Product Sample Presentation Tips

Discover the do’s and don’ts when showcasing samples!

Sample presentation kit

Here’s a list of 10 things to consider for your sample presentation design:

  1. Share your budget. It can feel like “giving away too much information”– however, it is critical for success! An average custom box project can consume 20 to 200 hours to design and estimate. To reduce time and to be rewarded with a viable project, review your budget with your team. Your Corporate Image sales representative can provide ballpark estimates for various options.
  2. Ask for advice. Our Corporate Image team has worked on hundreds of projects and knows what works best. Ask for suggestions to help your project have a smooth production process and a beautiful outcome. Keep an open mind to an alternative configuration that can save time and money. Your Corporate Image sales representative will likely have one or more cost-effective alternatives that will impress your customers.
  3. Make it the right size. The average height of an office shelf is 12” tall. If your architectural folder or binder is taller than 11-7/8” it is likely that your samples will be stored in an out-of- the-way corner. The same principle is true for sample boxes. If your custom project is too tall, it may be stored out of eyesight of your customer. Our Corporate Image Binder wall
  4. Keep it light. If your product is heavy, consider using narrower or smaller sized samples to decrease the overall weight of the final product. Customers work best with products they can handle easily.
  5. Design with samples. Make sure that Corporate Image has a full set of the samples you want to showcase before starting the product development phase. This is critical to ensure that the fit is correct and the structural design is appropriate.Colgate custom binder with samples
  6. Create your artwork on our template. Corporate Image will provide you with
    a custom template for your specific presentation product. The template shows you where bleeds are needed, where accessories like rings, closures or pockets will be placed as well as score lines, glue strips, tuck flaps and die-cutting tolerances. Before we produce a project, we will send you a proof that has been folded to your specs so you can visualize the finished job.
  7. Make it visible. To make it easy for your customers to find your product line on the
    shelf, your sample book or box should have your company name and the name of your
    product line visible on all sides. Boxes are sometimes stored sideways, so please keep the different angles in mind when laying out your artwork on your custom Corporate Image template. custom printed corrugate sample case with straps
  8. Find a distinguishing finish. Corporate Image offers several finishing options to enhance your artwork. Gloss lamination with optional linen texture protects your project while allowing the true color of the printing to emerge. Matte lamination has the same protective quality in a non-reflective finish and is available as a “soft touch” or a “smooth” finish.
  9. Know your shipping costs. Sample boxes can be shipped flat and assembled on-site or they can be assembled first. The resulting cost for shipping will vary drastically. Ask your Corporate Image sales representative about our shipping options.
  10. Understand lead times. The average turn-time for a binder or architectural folder is approximately 15 working days. Specialty sample boxes can have a longer lead time depending on the configuration. Discuss lead times with your Corporate Image sales representative at the beginning of the project to ensure that we will meet your schedule.

Before you decide on a vendor for your architectural folder, binder or box, make sure you ask them for a sample – just like your customers do. That way you get to feel the quality of their materials and see the print options first hand.

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