Featured Project: Beautifully Foil Stamped Pocket Folder

Elegant design with gorgeous gold foil

When slover [AND] company started working on a pocket folder for Brave Horse they knew Corporate Image would be the best place for a high end pocket folder. They were sent a variety of pocket folder samples to find the perfect die for their project. Since Corporate Image has a large library of existing dies they were able to find one that would work great – without incurring a die charge for their client.

With high end finishes like Soft Touch Matte lamination and gold foil stamping, this pocket folder was sure to represent the elegance of the Brave Horse Show Park in Johnston, Ohio.

Brave Horse pocket folder


  • 9” wide x 12” high Pocket Folder
  • 4-1/2” high left and right flat pockets with optional card cuts
  • 1” under pockets turn-ins
  • 2 color print
  • 1 color foil
  • Soft touch matte lamination
  • Holds up to 30 sheets
  • Die #201

The soft touch matte lamination is a perfect canvas for the amazing gold foil stamping on the folder front. The metallic texture of the foil is both a visual and tactile contrast to the smooth lamination of the black folder.

Gold foil stamping on pocket folder

The folder was printed on one side and brilliantly used the contrast between the white inside and the fully printed outside to draw extra attention to the pocket design.

Pocket folder printed pockets

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