Gorgeous Foil Stamping Designs

Foil stamping offers an elegant way of customizing your 3-ring binder, pocket folder or box project

For cloth, printed, and bare board binders, the wide range of available foils offers a look and feel as unique as your company. Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver, to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils, because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine. Holographic foils, which add a remarkable shimmer, are also available to help enhance the look of your printed packaging. Foils with pearl effects can add an elegant, pearl-like sheen to your printed piece. But enough of the talking, get inspired by some outstanding design examples:

Pocket folder for Schell Brothers

Schell Brothers

2 color foil stamping (red and gold)

Triple black corrugate box for 252 East 57

252 East 57, Designer: Marena Studios

1 color foil stamping (silver)

Savco Hospitality

1 color foil stamping (CROWN 414)

Turned edge box with cloth for Herman Miller

Herman Miller

1 color foil stamping (matte white)

Bare board binder with foil stamping and finger pull for Wilsonart Flooring

Wilsonart Contract Flooring, Designer: Marketing Alternatives

4 color foil stamping (green & red & gloss black & tinted gray)

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