Cloth: Elegant, tactile, durable and colorful

Cloth offers unique benefits and more options than you thought!

While most people understand that cloth creates a sophisticated look and feel, not everyone knows that there are ways to customize your cloth covered box or binder and that cloth adds extra strength to your product.

Customizing: True, book cloth is not printable. However, foil stamping and debossing looks phenomenal on cloth, adding to the overall impression of your box or binder.

Strength: Our bare board binders are already among the strongest 3-ring binders in the world. Add the strength of book cloth and you can count on your binders to be in excellent shape for decades to come.

Turned edge box with cloth for Herman Miller  Cloth Binder for Traditions Linens

What types of cloth or colors can I choose from?

Corporate Image uses book cloths for its proven durability, availability and quality on our binders and boxes. Here is a selection of the styles and colors we have in stock:

Arrestox® B-Cloth

Arrestox® B-Cloth is a tried-and-true book cover material offering ease of use in the bindery. Arrestox® decorates well with foil stamping or screen printing and is a great choice for photo books, year books, hospitality 3-ring binders, and luxury packaging. Available in 33 colors.

Pearl Linen® Book Cloth

Pearl Linen® Book Cloth is a beautiful yet economical cloth cover material. Designed for books and specialty packaging, Pearl Linen® has a light water-based coating that foil stamps beautifully and adds durability. Available in 26 vibrant colors.


100% cotton Kennett®, an uncoated natural book cloth, is back-filled with starch to eliminate adhesive squeeze through. Despite being uncoated, Kennett® is more durable than paper and offers a wonderful cloth texture. Available in 12 colors.


The lush texture and brilliant palette of Verona® book cloth makes it an ideal cover material for photo books, special editions, luxury packaging, hospitality binders and more. Available in 48 beautiful colors.


Urban fun and sophistication with an easy clean finish. Perfect for menus, luxury packaging, special edition books or any project that requires a unique flare and subtle spark. Available in 11 metallic colors.


Finely woven cotton cloth with a pearlized finish adds a sophisticated elegance to any project. Perfect for luxury packaging, yearbooks, special editions, menus, binders or any project craving a unique look. Available in 10 pearlized colors.

Consult with your Corporate Image sales rep to find the best cover material for your presentation packaging idea. Or take a look at the color guide, provided by our parent company LBS, to find your perfect shade:

Cover material color options

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