What to expect from an innovative binder manufacturer

Innovations… Styles… Options… Strengths…

Print manufacturers are not all alike. If you are new to the game of ordering custom printed products, we’d like to give you a few ideas of what to look for in your print vendor.

Corporate Image has been manufacturing custom 3-ring binders for over 35 years. We have designed, innovated and pushed the boundaries of binder manufacturing to give you a product that can be opened 250,000 times, has a huge range of customizing and finishing options and meets our high standards in quality and sustainability. From unusual roundback binders to eco-friendly bare board binders, we create 3-ring binders or ringless binders that exceed your expectations.

Jose Cuervo flush cut binders

Our roots are in book binding starting in the 1860s in Chicago. Since then, there have been many changes, but our commitment to craft, quality, and service has continued. We value the craftsmanship that goes into our products and work to make sure that our products are exceptional.

As manufacturers of custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders and packaging, we believe products should be built to last. Corporate Image stands for sustainable presentation materials, the love of craft and the beauty of design.

 unique printed tab dividers - corporate image

Getting the job done.

We love what we do. Everyday we get to work with talented people to produce beautiful materials that help others succeed in their businesses.

Corporate Image is 100% employee owned, so we take our work very seriously, some might say we are obsessive, but you can always count on us to give our best to every project.

Getting the job done right starts with your first phone call or email to us. You’ll work with a single point person at Corporate Image. That’s why we have experienced sales representatives and customer service managers focusing on helping you create the materials that best meet your needs. Find out more about our start to finish process, how our team will help you and what resources we have available to make sure you receive the best possible product.

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